The experiences and the fun in the island of Santorini are not limited to sightseeing and tourist attractions. There is a plethora of fascinating activities for the visitors who desire more than just a relaxing holiday and seek new experiences, special moments and refreshing sensations to go after and treasure for a lifetime.

Santorini is a miraculous island that owns incredible beaches and so it provides a wide variety of activities linked to water. There is a bunch of water sport facilities to choose from, which include sea kayak, jet skiing, surfing, wind surfing, canoeing, paddleboats and more. The ultimate experience is, by miles, scuba diving and wall-diving in the world’s largest underwater caldera and waters that boast a stunning seabed with impressive undersea caves, volcanic reefs and intriguing shipwrecks.

The bountiful natural beauty of Santorini is undeniable as well as overt in every corner. If you wish to fully take in the island and relish splendid images, you should take a walking tour or, even better, a bike tour to enjoy the spectacular scenery and discover unique settings. An alternative form of island touring that will utterly overwhelm you is the horseback riding, a romantic walk to remember. Who wouldn’t want to capture such sublime images and share the awe with the rest of the world? There are photo tours available that give you the chance to take your moments to eternity and admire incomparable locations too.

These and many more exciting adventures await those travellers who wish to explore more than meets the eye and try out new, out of the ordinary things.

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