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PCR or Antigen Test for COVID-19 at Prolipsi Lab, Santorini

In collaboration with Prolipsi (microbiological laboratory), we provide you with the convenience of booking your appointment for a coronavirus test online. You can choose between the antigen test and the RT-PCR test. All you need to have is the travel document you traveled with, i.e., your identity card or passport.


The test process takes no more than 15 minutes and the laboratory makes every effort to ensure that there is no waiting and that you will be served as quickly as possible, safely and reliably.


The results for the RT-PCR test take from 3 hours to 24 hours to come out, depending on the number of tests performed. While the results for the Antigen test take no more than an hour.

We recommend that you make an appointment in the early morning hours so that you are more likely to receive them during the day.

You will receive a certificate for the test results in English, which will indicate the manufacturer of the test (company) and will be signed by a doctor. The certificate will be valid to travel back to your home country. The results can be given to you by email or in printed form at the Lab.

Schedule your appointment early

We recommend that you schedule your appointment as soon as possible during the high season and it would be best not to arrange it on the day right before your departure. Authorities usually request that travelers take their test up to 72 hours prior to departure. You should check this based on the measures of your home country.

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Reviews by real customers
Excellent based on 630 reviews
Ka Yeung L. United Kingdom, 8 Apr 2023

The whole process was smooth and the result came out fast. And they could also fill in the form for Japan. Excellent!

Vivian R. United States, 2 Dec 2022
Excellent and fast services

We are from the Caribbean and need the PCR test to take a Cruices in the Mediterran. I did the reservations via Internet one month before. We don’t have any problems. , A great experience!

Michael B. United States, 29 Oct 2022

Well organized!, A great experience!

Richard G. United States, 17 Sep 2022
Fast and professional

Well organized test location, very nice staff.

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Good to Know


Once your booking is complete, you will receive the voucher, which includes the meeting point, time and supplier’s contact information, at your email address. You need to have it with you, in paper form or in digital form.


Free cancelation applies up to one day before your booking. You may not cancel your booking on the same day as your arranged appointment. If you do not attend your appointment, the reservation will be considered a no-show and you cannot receive a refund of the paid amount.

Passport or Id

Full names of the passengers (as shown on their passport or id). Passengers need to have onboard with them their passport or id or a copy of them, in case the Port Authority runs a check on the boat. A picture on their mobile will suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid antigen test with lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-COV-2 virus nucleoprotein antigens in nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal specimens for the diagnosis of SAR-2 infections with COV infections. The concentration of viral nucleoprotein antigens may vary during the course of the disease and may fall below the detection limit of the test.

The possibility of infectivity of the examined persons cannot be ruled out on the basis of negative results. The specificity of the test is up to 98% and its sensitivity up to 92%.

In case of a positive result, the review with the reference method, which is the molecular control of the virus (PCR), is recommended.

After extraction of nucleic acids from the sample on an automatic extractor (Mag DEA DNA / RNA 200 virus), one step qRT PCR is performed. Specific primers are used for highly conserved regions and double-labeled probes to enhance and differentiate RNA SARS-CoV-2 and other beta Coronaviridae such as MERS. The assay uses Taqmanprobe and detects parts of Ε (Envelope) and RdRp (RNA dependent RNA polymerase genes) and S (Spike protein) gene simultaneously.

Internal Process Control (IPC), which is added during RNA extraction is detected in the same reaction as a labeled probe.

Additionally, the assay includes the internal system control (ISC) which consists of primers and probes for the detection of a housekeeping gene, Beta-actin, during the extraction process. The ISC helps, preventing false-negative results due to insufficient sample drawing or inappropriate transport.

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