Akrotiri village

Akrotiri is a quiet village, not as popular and developed, but of great interest and importance. It is situated on the south west edge of Santorini, about 15 kilometers away from Fira, offering exquisite views of the island. Akrotiri means cape and it is an actual promontory due to its geographical position. It is famous for the lighthouse, one of the best in Greece, from where you can relish majestic sunsets.

In Akrotiri you have the opportunity to discover two wondrous beaches, nothing like others, which compose an imposing landscape. The scenery in Red Beach will positively fill you with awe. It is surrounded by reddish, steep cliffs that along with the dark blue waters form a stupendous contrast. A wild spectacle with red big rocks lying in the sea and red stones all along the beach. The second is a small, charming beach, called White Beach, encircled with high, white rocks and covered in white pebbles. Neither of them is easily accessible, but that just adds to their allure.

Akrotiri village is home of two historical treasures that are the main attractions of the village. One of them is the archaeological site of Akrotiri, a very important prehistoric town of the Aegean that is totally worth a visit. You can walk through it and observe frescoes, artifacts, objects, furniture, advanced drainage systems and even multi-story buildings from the Bronze Age.

The other is the Castle of Akrotiri, called La Ponta, which was one of the five fortified settlements of Santorini. A 13th century tower (Goulas) is situated in the middle of the Venetian castle and boasts a magical view. Today one can admire the remnants and visit the exhibition and workshop of traditional musical instruments. Music concerts are also organized on some evenings which are a great idea on how to spend your time in Akrotiri.

You can find a handful of residence options in Akrotiri with heavenly views of the caldera and the volcano. There are hotels, villas and suites with dreamy swimming pools and some more modest rooms, something for everybody. You can access Akrotiri by car or buses that depart from Fira.
Quick info
13 km from airport (Kamari) 9 km from port (Athinios)
11 km from capital (Fira) 9 km from Perissa beach
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Weather Average Temp. 26° Jul 26° Aug 24° Sep 21° Oct 17° Nov
Hotels in Akrotiri village
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Marann Cave Akrotiri
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Akrotiri Cove Akrotiri
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Summer Lovers Villa Akrotiri
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