Armeni village

Armeni is a beautiful, tiny pier at the bottom of the village of Oia, the most picturesque and astounding area. It is located on the northwest side of Santorini and offers amazing views on the caldera, the opposite volcanic islands and the neighboring island of Therasia. Armeni used to be the main harbor of Oia but nowadays just some small yachts and boats moor here. It is an ideal place to drop anchor or you can take one of the boats that depart from Ammoudi Bay. Alternatively, you have to descend a series of steep steps from Oia, on foot or by riding a mule, in order to reach Armeni, which is slightly tiring.

Nonetheless, once you get here you won’t regret it. Armeni is a quaint, peaceful place where you have the opportunity to relish a day of relaxation, tranquility and revitalization. There are only some whitewashed houses and a traditional tavern by the sea, where you can taste savory local dishes and enjoy the serene ambience and the spectacular view. The best thing you can do in Armeni is to take a swim in its small beach that is perfect for swimming and wall diving. There is also a diving center available. The beach of Armeni is unspoiled and quiet, with no facilities as it is not organized, a fact that just adds to the natural beauty of the landscape. It has got volcanic pebbles and deep, crystalline waters. As you swim here, the awe-inspiring caldera cliffs and the captivating Oia settlement above you will make you feel thrilled and overwhelmed.
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