The Cable Car, serves as a popular means of reaching Fira, the capital of Santorini, providing both convenience and a charming experience with amazing views of the impressive Caldera, the Sea, and the Volcano, from a 220 meters altitude.

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If you are traveling by cruise ship and need to reach Fira town easily and safely, or If you wish to just live the experience of traveling at an altitude, take a ride in the Cable car! But before that, let’s find out some useful information about it.

Construction of the Cable Car

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In the past years, the Old Port, below Fira town, used to be the main port of Santorini. Up until the 70s, the only way for people to get up to Fira from there, was either by walking or on a mule ride up the 600 steep steps, that were connecting it to the town. However, this was rather challenging for certain groups of people, like the elderly or people with mobility problems, and also unsuitable for heavy luggage.

These factors, along with the increase in the number of tourists and cruise ships visiting the island, which began in the 70s, led to the construction of the cable car, in order to provide visitors with quick and easy transport to Fira.

The ship owner Evangelos Nomikos, who was a resident of Santorini and a known benefactor of the island, with many donations to the Santorini community, established the “Loula and Evangelos Nomikos Foundation” in 1979, which funded the construction of the cable car entirely. Its construction began in the autumn of 1980 and was completed by the summer of 1982.

Generally, the construction of the cable car gave important value to the Old Port, which has been devaluated due to the difficulty in accessing Fira.

The Cable Car Today

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The cable car has played a significant role in the island’s prosperity and the development of tourism and is an important part of the Santorini experience.

Nowadays, the cable car belongs to the Municipality of Thera, with the 14 communities of Santorini owning it equally, while an amount from the earnings is given to the mule owners, in recognition of their important part in Santorini’s culture and their hard work. It is also a way of keeping their tradition alive.

The cable car consists of gondola-type carriages that are very well maintained and are designed by Doppelmayr® Company in compliance with Austrian Regulations. It can transport 1200 people in one hour, with each carriage seating up to six people in two rows of three, and with the route from the Old Port and vice versa taking only 5 minutes. Therefore, it provides easy and quick access to Fira or the Old Port for the people getting to Santorini by cruise ships. Moreover, there are several Volcano boat tours that start from the Old Port and visit the Volcano and the neighboring islands. So, the cable car is also very useful to the people reaching down the port to join one of these organized boat tours.

The ride that it provides is also amazing, as you face the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and the Volcano, as well as the white-washed houses that are built on the top of the Caldera cliffs, all seen from a height of 220 meters!

How to reach the Cable Car

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Access to the Cable Car is very easy, as it is close to the Archaeological Museum in Fira, one of the most important museums on the island. Once someone gets to the main path of Fira, which starts from the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, and follows it uphill with direction to Firostefani village, they will find the cable car’s station and the ticket office, from where they can purchase their ticket. There are signs along the way that are very helpful in showing the direction to the station.

Useful Information

There are usually long queues on the days that cruise ships are visiting the island, so arm yourself with patience and get ready to face long waiting times in order to board the Cable Car. Please note that on very windy days, the cable cars are shut down in order to secure the safety of the passengers. During those days, the safest way to reach the Old Port is by walking down the steps or on a donkey ride. Either way, the stunning views are guaranteed!

Ticket price (One way)

Adults: 6 euro

Children: 3 euro

Luggage: 3 euro

View the Cable Car prices & Operating hours here.

Location & area

Location of Santorini Cable Car

Area map & nearby

Santorini Cable Car is located in Fira town
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