R eady for your first visit to the island of Santorini? Do not miss watching the famous sunset and be amazed by its magic colors!

Photo Sunset in Oia, Santorini

The sunset of Santorini adds to the breathtaking rare beauty of the island and there are some amazing viewpoints, where visitors can relax and admire it. However, the most famous place for sunset watching is the picturesque village of Oia.

Oia is a beautiful traditional village that is built on the top of a cliff, on the famous Caldera of the island, with an amazing view of the Volcano of Santorini. There, while wandering its small paved paths, visitors meet charming white-washed cave houses, the unique Blue Dome churches, traditional restaurants built right on the edge of the cliff, and small shops, all combined with each other and creating a marvelous idyllic scenery.

As the sun goes down, all this beauty is enlightened by the orange and red colors, and along with the reddish sky, you feel like you are in a beautiful postcard.

What is the best spot to watch the sunset from?

While you can gaze at the magic colors of the sunset from all over Oia village and admire how the small white houses take different colorations as the sun goes down, there is one spot in Oia that offers the best view of the sunset. This spot is the ruins of the Venetian Castle of Agios Nikolaos. Right on the edge of the Caldera and above the Aegean sea, you will witness the most scenic spectacle of the sun diving directly into the sea.

Not only the view of the sunset will amaze you, but you will also find yourself among other people, locals and tourists, waiting for a celebration to start. As the sun is setting, you feel a sense of excitement inside you and the atmosphere becomes lively and romantic. This festivity comes to an end with the sun submerging into the sea and all the people together giving their best applause for this unique moment. It is a rewarding experience and a magical sight that will surely come to your mind every time you think of your holidays in Santorini!

They say that: “Sunsets are proof that every day can end beautifully!”, so make the best choice for the most amazing end of the day by visiting Oia village with its unique sunset view!

Location & area

Location of Sunset in Oia

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Sunset in Oia is located in Oia village
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