The local currency on Santorini is the Euro (Greeks pronounce it 'evro').

Transactions in other currencies are usually not accepted.

Major credit cards are accepted at most Santorinian hotels, restaurants and shops.

Most banks on Santorini are located in Fira around the main square, but there is also a Greece National Bank office in Kamari and an Alpha Bank office in Oia.

All Santorini banks will be able to serve you in English

Cash machines (ATM's) are common and can be found not only at Santorini banks, but in most villages around the island.

All Santorini banks opening hours are:
Monday to Thursday: 8.00-14.30
Friday: 8.00-14.00

Phone numbers for major Santorini banks
Bank                Location                 Phone Number
Agrotiki Bank     Fira                      228 602-2261
Alpha Bank        Fira                      228 602-3801
Eurobank           Fira                      228 602-5851
Emporiki Bank    Fira                      228 602-2534
Ethniki Bank       Fira                      228 602-2662
Piraeus Bank      Fira                      228 602-5415

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