2 Brothers Bar

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The 2 Brothers Bar has been beautifying Santorini's summer evenings since 1983. Housed between the graphical, white-stoned alleys in Fira Town, the picturesque capital of Santorini Island.  It soon became recognized for its innovative approach to mixed drinks, which utilized culinary techniques to aid in the story of each and every cocktail on its list! Today, 2 Brothers Bar continues to imagine drinks that satisfy on a multi-sensory level, using aroma, fog, air, and foams to bring the drink to life and transport the guest to another place or time. No need to say, that all the used ingredients in drinks and spirits are carefully freshly collected from local producers. In addition to their rather tasty cocktail selection, they serve an alternative collection of draft beers and rich flavors of Santorinian wines.

2 Brothers Bar tends to play contemporary music with a lean toward Commercial House, Deep House, EDM, and RNB. Their ambition is to provide the top hits of the present and past based on your preferences, offering maximum satisfaction and a crazy party vibe. The Bar has hints of Cycladic beauty, with a large wooden bar and charmingly decorated period picture frames and old records on the walls. The hospitable and friendly team will help you settle into the Bar and take care of you! Keep in mind that they also organize themed parties, so stay tuned and come live with the ultimate night experience!

Location & area
Location of 2 Brothers Bar

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2 Brothers Bar is located in Fira village
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Operation Hours

Daily 4:00 pm - 6:00 am

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Parking Fira Taxi

Reviews on Google
Wonderful based on 1032 reviews
Verene Vilchez
Verene Vilchez 14 Nov 2023

Cocktails here are really cheap, the ambient is sooo nice. I came with my boyfriend and we were hesitaiting about it, but we wanted drinks so got in and we stayed all the night!! Jajaja amazong time there with so much ambient!!!

V. Torres
V. Torres 11 Jul 2023

Such a fun place! They offer great drink/shot specials and the atmosphere is awesome! The bartenders are fast and the music is great! It’s a great little spot to dance the night away!

FDW 28 Apr 2023

Had a great time here. Got here a little early 8pm. Sat at the bar… made “friends” with Nick and Dimitri. It was happy hour so we had a few drinks, smoked some hookah (which was smooth), even bought a t-shirt the second night we went back. The music is all American hip hop, RnB and pop. As it got later it got more crowded, it was lit on a Monday! Definitely a must if you want to get out. For me the only downfall is they allow cigarette smoking at midnight. However, I will say someone started smoking one before midnight and they staff asked him to put it out. I really appreciated that. We left promptly at midnight due to the cig smoking. Now I’m not a “buy a T-shirt from every country I’ve been to” type of girl, but I really wish I would have purchased one myself it was so much fun and the staff was so nice.

Gillian Merry
Gillian Merry 05 Apr 2023

Great cocktails served here during happy hour. Currently working my way through my second bramble. Staff are really friendly too. If you just want a decent cocktail or a cold beer this is a great pit stop as well as a lively bar later in the evening

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