Enigma Club

Good 3.2/5 138 reviews

One of the finest drinking destinations is settled among the cosmopolitan alleys of the Town of Fira, easily accessible from every graphical passage. Conversation flows over sparkling glasses and candlelit tables. Behind the bar, our professional mixologists conjure up new concoctions and time-honored classic cocktails. In case you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask them so they can assist you in finding the suitable drink for your tastes. Serving classics with a twist, new, and vintage creations. Enigma Club is an icon in cocktail history and has played host to legendary singers and DJs.

The construction of the club is reminiscent of a Cycladic Island feeling, with its smart lighting, modern decoration, as well as dance music guaranteeing you a memorable vibing night! There are few tables that have a corner sofa, otherwise, you can enjoy your drink in the highchairs around the bar. The themed parties we organize on the weekdays, playing a specific type of music, are considered particularly special. Bring your friends and let’s party till the very early morning hours together!

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Enigma Club is located in Fira village
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Daily 9:00 pm - 6:00 am

Reviews on Google
Good based on 138 reviews
Zintle Mqunyana
Zintle Mqunyana 10 Sep 2022

I should not be giving this place any star really. At the door you are met by 3 rude men who at 1st seem okay. You ask repeatedly what am i getting for this €15 they will tell you any drinks. You proceed to pay and walk down stairs and you choose your favorite drink where they will tell you no it's limited to €15. Now you have to pay €18 for martin 😂😂😂😂. I'm like no ways so i was sold a lie and i want my money back then they will say you must pay 24% tax 😂😂. Cool i'm like take your tax my man i'll go to PK bar for amazing drinks really. So they give me €10 i'm like no that's not right, rude man be like you want the €1.40 yeah definitely it's my money. Why i insisted on my money at that point wad the wack music really, i mean they advertise hiphop, RnB and afrobeats. I am african and i breath afrobeats there id no afrobeats there. Also rude man kept saying it's common sense for drinks to be limited to what you paid. I'm like whose sense really, i asked repeatedly here what i was getting. Sldo he kept on saying i must change my attitude 🤣 i am like you have never met me so how on earth do you know me and how i converse. Go to PK for amazinng drinks. Beautiful view, latest music. Don't bother about this place really i should have beleived 3.9 ratings. It's ghetto lol if you have been to clubs then beleive me it's ghetto. Before ypu walk in take 5min to listen to the music i beg.

Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams 31 Jul 2022

It was my first time in Santorini, my friend and I wanted to try a club out so I reached out to Enigma via Instagram. I booked a VIP table before I arrived to Greece, it was simple and easy! They were very responsive. The VIP manager Mack is an absolute LEGEND. He knows how to take care of his people and run a club, it was the highlight of the nightlife during our trip. We had a phenomenal time at this club and even made some great new friends for our return trip someday! Thank you again Mack!!

Iga Lesniak
Iga Lesniak 22 Jul 2022

Awful, just reaallyy bad. I have travelled a bit and am a club enthusiast myself. It’s a very money driven place, the quality just isn’t there. People aren’t dancing, but that may not be that weird when they change the songs every 5 second. Rude staff, long queue, half shots, expensive, no places to sit nor dance? Funniest part may be the reserved tables that nobody uses. Seems almost like they are fake reserved in order to make the customers pay extra as if the entrance price isn’t high enough. Such a sad sad place. Can’t wait for the establishment to take some accountability. Haha, like that would ever happen.

Alyssa Ament
Alyssa Ament 04 Aug 2022

This was a horrible experience last night. The staff were so rude to us. We weren’t able to leave to go grab some food and come back without having to pay the 20euro entry fee again. We waited so long for our free drink which ended up being half a shot and to top it all off the music was terrible. I would not recommend the club to anyone.

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