Koo Club

Good 3.5/5 374 reviews

Hiding among the narrow alleys of Fira, the capital of Santorini, Koo Club is easily accessible and offers a unique dancing experienceThe Koo’s sumptuous double-floored space is an oasis of warmth, mystery, and magic, where the space of evening locals and visitors alike can enjoy a glorious sense of disconnection from the outside world! The Koo's menu includes a diverse range of cocktails including classic recipes created by renowned bartenders. These menu selections offer a medley of fruity flavors and velvety textures. At Koo's Club, they have carefully collected all of their ingredients from local producers, always offering fresh and tasty drinks.

The tall cypress trees, the white traditional stone-built bar, as well as the modern and stylish decoration, will instantly make you feel more familiar. Well-known guest DJs are invited to Koo Club, to blow your mind with their musical skills, and offer you a memorable night! A place where the combination of beguiling décor, enthralling refreshments, and glowing hospitality, all driven by the most profound desire to enchant and delight, can trigger a genuinely transcendental experience!

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+30 2286022025 / +30 6947008462
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Location of Koo Club

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Koo Club is located in Fira village
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Daily 10:30 pm - 5:00 am

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Reviews on Google
Good based on 374 reviews
Amani “AKA” Meno
Amani “AKA” Meno 10 Sep 2023

Vibes were 100%. Expensive drinks. Not comfortable high chairs and the tables prices were high.

Christine Shapiro
Christine Shapiro 11 Oct 2023

Best nightclub in Santorini. Me and my friends had a blast. We loved how it was outside.Very Luxurious and fantastic crowd. Awesome Music and excellent management!! This place was 100% worth it. Definitely I will come back again.

Nats Yeah
Nats Yeah 10 Jun 2023

Big place with lots of space, but the stuff was a little bit cold and unhelpful! No waiter to take us order for 20 minutes and when we went on the bar to order a weird man over 40 years old who was in the corner of the bar yelling to the Barrowman and point us with his finger!

Cate Redmond
Cate Redmond 16 Sep 2023

I have never had a worse experience in my life. My group of 3 was told there was a $20 cover which we paid, and upon our payment we were given only one recipient for $20 dollars/euros. Once we tried to exercise the free drink with the cover charge rule, we were subjected to the manager who could not have been ruder. Not only did he call us LIARS, but he continued to insult us all night long. Upon further investigation, we proved that we had done nothing wrong, and he refused to believe us and continued to call us liars and more insults. Not only is the service here terrible, but they scam you for money. I would never EVER recommend to anyone. Steer clear of Koo if you have any self respect.

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