Mamounia Club

2.9/5 105 reviews

Situated within the graphical and bustling village of Fira, Mamounia Club is a stylish and thriving venue making it the perfect nightlife hotspot! They are creating excellent signature cocktails and drinks, but they also provide a club atmosphere and impressive DJ lineup to ensure a fantastic night experience. 

Combining a stylish cocktail bar, and elegant VIP area they offer guests a range of feelings to cater to any mood. As soon as you step foot in the club, you will quickly sense the summer carefreeness and freedom, while the Greek dance music will make you want to dance non-stop. Worth mentioning is that they organize live music parties with well-known Greek singers, who will blow you away with their famous hits. Whatever your requirements might be, the experienced and professional team will be there to fill your every desire and ensure a memorable time!
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Location of Mamounia Club

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Mamounia Club is located in Fira village
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Daily 10:00 pm - 7:00 am

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Reviews on Google
based on 105 reviews
Rena 25 Jul 2023

As a Greek tourists, we wanted to hear some Greek music but they were playing pop nonGreek. It’s supposed to be a Greek music nightclub. The place was empty at 1 am, there was absolutely no where to sit and we were walked to a black wall by the hostess. You can’t roam freely! Totally absurd! We asked to sit in the reserved couches until the prospective big spender showed up but we’re told no. We were 4 women in heels since 7 pm amd walking around on jagged gravel amd rocks all day with no where to rest our feel. So naturally we left. The decor is horrid and they are not sensitive to people amd don’t deserve customers!

Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 05 Jun 2023

(Visiting from America) someone told me that if i wanted the Santorini experience to go here, and boy were the right!! All the music was in greek, and the atmosphere was electric!! Stayed there till 7 am, and the sun-shining in my face as i tried to process what had just happened.

Yanni D
Yanni D 24 Sep 2023

They ONLY ACCEPT CASH, clearly they are tax evading and they don’t declare anything! Horrible atmosphere, expensive and horrible people they just ask you for money!!

Rafail Antoniou
Rafail Antoniou 15 Oct 2023

No card POS system only cash. Its a Club GHETTO.

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