Mamounia Club

2.9/5 86 reviews

Situated within the graphical and bustling village of Fira, Mamounia Club is a stylish and thriving venue making it the perfect nightlife hotspot! Not only priding ourselves on creating excellent signature cocktails, and drinks, but we also provide a club atmosphere and impressive DJ lineup to ensure a fantastic night experience. Needless to say, our creative menu has been inspired by our land, Santorini, focusing on fresh local ingredients. This is an indication that we always want to serve the highest possible quality together with quantity.

Combining a stylish cocktail bar, and elegant VIP area we offer guests a range of feelings to cater to any mood. As soon as you step your foot in the club, you will quickly sense the summer carefreeness and freedom, while the Greek dance music will make you want to dance non-stop. Worth mentioning is that we organize live music parties with well-known Greek singers, who will blow you away with their famous hits. Whatever your requirements might be, our experienced and professional team will be there to fill your every desire and ensure a memorable time!
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Mamounia Club is located in Fira village
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Daily 10:00 pm - 7:00 am

Reviews on Google
based on 86 reviews
Ravi 18 Aug 2022

Terrible experience, bouncers let Caucasian-looking people in without question yet my Indian family (who had a 1:1 female:male ratio) were told to pay €20 each for entry! - questionable racial/discriminatory behaviour. I would definitely not recommend to anyone

Claudiu C.
Claudiu C. 11 Jun 2022

Me and 2 friends got there a bit after 1 am and the bouncers were directly rude and asked as to come in 2 days. Seems that they don't like to have customers

Horrible experience. Since the first moment we felt we were not welcomed due to our sexual orientation. A guy pushed my friend agressively and the staff (very unfriendly) did nothing to solve the situation. In the end we left the bar after 15 min in. LGBT people, stay away of this place. Besides that, they just play greek music.

Santorini Queen1
Santorini Queen1 22 Feb 2022

A good place for greek music 🎶 🎵 👌 and great service 👍. We enjoyed fully

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