Murphys Bar

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Nestled in the stunning center of the picturesque Fira Town, Murphys Bar started its story in 1999, as a whole other beast, with its signature metaphysical energy and unpretentious culture! Discover what makes Murphys Bar such a unique summer destination as you are lounging comfortably, tasting Mediterranean food proposal, that will make you cherish! The bar’s decoration reminds you of a pub, with wooden touches, offering a vast variety of spirits, an impressive collection of Santorinian and international labels of wines, as well as signature cocktails. Designed for indulgent fun, without pretentiousness but exuding an abundance of class and style.

As the sun goes down the party comes up! The bar takes a turn towards a more sensual ambiance, your moods will swift softly, and your senses will be constantly excited. An endless party with vibrant mainstream beats from talented DJs will make you unable to stop dancing until the early morning. The dedicated and friendly team will make sure you are having a memorable night experience with the quality matching the quantity! Murphys Bar is a place that feeds your soul in all the right ways!

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Mediterranean Meat


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Murphys Bar is located in Fira village
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Daily 12:00 pm - 4:00 am


Mediterranean, Meat

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Reviews on Google
Good based on 943 reviews
Doug Fischer
Doug Fischer 05 Oct 2023

Drinks were basically pure juice, the weakest we had on the island. Maybe because they were off the happy hour menu? Still, terrible. Enclosed area with Europeans hot-boxing the bar with their dumb cigarette smoke; couldn't wait to get out of here. The bar next door 10x better vibe.

luis cuesta lopez
luis cuesta lopez 15 Jul 2023

My recent visit was a completely disappointing experience. From the moment I walked in, the treatment I received from the staff was frankly unpleasant. I was greeted with a condescending attitude and a total lack of interest in providing friendly and courteous service. In addition to the terrible treatment, I was immensely surprised by the exorbitant amount charged for the products and services offered. The prices were clearly excessive compared to other similar establishments in the area. I felt like I was being charged an unjustifiable fee for a quality and experience well below expectations. What truly worsened my experience was the behavior of the owner of the establishment. Their rude and disrespectful attitude was evident both towards customers and their own employees. Not only did I witness how they spoke condescendingly to their staff, but I also observed how they treated other customers with a complete lack of respect. In summary, my visit was a complete disaster. The condescending treatment, exorbitant prices, and the owner's attitude made this an extremely negative experience. I strongly recommend avoiding this place if you value friendly service, fair prices, and a respectful environment. There are many other establishments in the area that offer quality services and a more pleasant experience.

Hanri Botha
Hanri Botha 25 Apr 2023

Excellent hosting, great drinks. Happy hour was VERY happy indeed. Raphael is a very good barman that makes good suggestions, is very friendly and made the experience very pleasant. Bar is quirky and exciting, great decor and music.

Sierra O'Niel
Sierra O'Niel 01 May 2023

Amazing service! Rafael is the best bartender ever. We are visiting from the United States and by far best service I’ve ever received. He really know his cocktails and made me an amazing drink with tequila.

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