PK Cocktail Bar

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The PK Cocktail Bar is the perfect marriage between traditional and modern, featuring sleek speakeasy-style two-leveled balconies. Housed in the center of Fira Town, at the dramatic cliffs of the Caldera overwatching the famous Volcano of Santorini. During our 46 years of experience, we have been trying to offer the highest quality, using only traditional freshly collected ingredients from local producers. In this way, we also want to promote our heavenly landscape and its excellently cared products provided. PK’s Cocktail Bar decoration reminds of the legendary Cycladic beauty of the island, with comfortable seats looking over the vastness of the sea.

Our expert mixologist will create concoctions that will pleasure your palate and tantalize your tastebuds. Handcrafting the most exceptional and unique cocktails and spirits you have ever tried; will definitely make you feel the summer breeze! Of course, a vast variety of Santorinian wines could not be missing from our collection, as you can also take masterclasses to learn about recipes and tasting of all the ingredients. Lastly, due to its idyllic location, you will have the chance to admire the alluring sunset in conjunction with the infinity Aegean blue Sea, which no one can get over this view! Don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself!

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PK Cocktail Bar is located in Fira village
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Monday - Saturday 6:00 pm - 1:00 am / Sunday 6:00 pm - 12:00 am

Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 714 reviews
Shanda Felix-Brown
Shanda Felix-Brown 05 May 2022

The location is perfect for the sunset. We sat on the middle floor. The lowest floor would have been my preference if I could choose again. The chairs were next to eachother and way more romantic. The drinks were good. Some of the staff were friendlier than others. We chose this place for the great reviews but I consider my experience not great but not bad either. I recommend if you do book choose the lower level if you’re coming for the sunset with your partner.

Clodagh Branagan
Clodagh Branagan 14 Aug 2022

Firstly we were greeted my Joanna the host who made sure to find us a table with a view even though we didn't have a booking, we were introduced to Andrea & the other pleasant staff who you immediately got a feeling that they were concerned for your happiness & experience in PK Cocktail, they went so far to take pictures of us with the famous Sunsets of Santorini. Drinks were delicious & made specially to our needs. We planned on staying for one drink but returned night after night the service + experience continued to get better. On our last night we were treated to shots. Definitely a place we won't forget & cannot wait to return. 10 stars highly recommend & views cannot be beaten of course .

Fabbie B
Fabbie B 08 Aug 2022

I consider myself a picky drinker. I am a fan of cocktails and do not settle for just any drink. This was THE BEST bar I’ve been to in Santorini. First of all the view is immaculate, you seriously need to come here for the sunset. Second, in terms of location is perfect. The service was amazing, even though it was full we still got perfect attention and helpful advice. Originally we did not have a reservation but the hostess was kind enough to give us a table with an amazing view! Do not miss this place, I will return every time we visit.

Guilherme Thomaz
Guilherme Thomaz 15 Oct 2022

I was hoping to go to PK since I planned my trip to Santorini. My sunset there was amazing, with high quality cocktails and good service. I had the best passion fruit cocktail of my life and also one of the most breathtaking sunsets. The price is little bit high for cocktails (at least 12/13 euros), but it really worth it. I don’t regret at all the visit. Hoping to go back!

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