Common and useful Greek expressions and phrases in Santorini to use in daily life, at shopping, at the coffee shop, at the restaurant and more. Here are the most popular Greek phrases and their phonetic correspondence.

Good MorningKalimera (pron. cally-mare-a)

Good afternoon/evening - Kalispera (pron. cally-spare-a)

Good night - Kalinihta

Please Parakalo

Thank you - Efharisto



Cheers ( when wishing to all in your table )    -    Stin yghia mas or Ghia mas !

Cheers  ( when wishing to someone not in your table )  - Stin yghia sas or Ghia sas !

Hello!   -   Ghia su! (pron. yassoo)

I am sorry i don't understand. . .  -  Sighnomi, dhen katalaveno. . .

How much is this ? - Poso kani afto parakalo?

Where is the bathroom? - Pou eine e toualeta?

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