Forty One 41 Beach Bar

Superb 4.5/5 912 reviews

Built at a superb location at Agios Georgios Beach in the gorgeous village of Perivolos, offering a dazzling view of the Aegean sea and a spectacular sunset while the sun goes down. Chic and luxurious, dressed in white and earthy colors, its minimalistic but at the same time boho style and Cycladic finesse create a heavenly summer setting! Forty One 41 is away from all the commotion, with soothing lounge music, comfortable sun beds, and tasteful umbrellas inviting guests to indulge in a relaxing and entertaining environment. By day, a delicious cup of coffee and healthy refreshment drinks allows you to feel the energy needed for a summer day at the sea! By night, impressive cocktails and fine drinks make Forty One 41 the perfect choice for an unforgettable beachy night out!

Do yourself a favor by taking a homely seat to admire the breathtaking sea view! Relax. Listen to the tranquil sound of the sea waves. Smell the salt water. Taste its goods. Our kitchen will leave you speechless with its unique and exquisite Mediterranean dishes! You will have no words to say about the seafood and meat delicacies. Try our wide range of grilled fish, vegetables, salads, savoring snacks, and barbeque. No need to say, all our locally authentic recipes are made with the purest ingredients from regional producers in an effort to introduce our guests to Greek cuisine and enrich their culinary experience, as well as the nutritious value of their meal! We are waiting for you!

Sea View
Outdoor seating

Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Sushi Fish

+30 2286082710
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Location of Forty One 41 Beach Bar

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Forty One 41 Beach Bar is located in Perivolos village
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Daily 9:00 am – 1:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Sushi, Fish

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Fine Dining

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Reviews on Google
Superb based on 912 reviews
Atara Posner
Atara Posner 28 Jun 2022

Really delicious and beautifully done food. The chef really knows what their doing. we went twice we enjoyed so much. I don't often think expensive food is better but this place is definitely worth the price. I would also highly recommend the chocolate dessert. Didn't take a picture but it was the best restaurant dessert I've had for chocolate lover's

Todays Present
Todays Present 11 Aug 2022

We loved eating here off of the black sand beach. The service was good. It was nice to try local wines made in Santorini. The fresh fish was delicious and tastes like it was just captured from the ocean. The lamb tasted more like a pot roast and we didn't really enjoy it. The sink to wash hands was pretty cool and unique. Overall, we loved the vibes of this location.

Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen 26 Jul 2022

Incredible food, incredible service, and great atmosphere. Highly recommend. The seafood is cooked perfectly- I’ve never had better octopus. They brought the red snapper to the table and explained they could make it three ways: ceviche, sushi, and grilled. We agreed and it was the best choice we have ever made. I am now stuffed with the best prepared fish I’ve ever eaten, plenty of local beer, and a delightful pavlova to finish it off. I have yet to meet someone I didn’t like :) Edit: i came back the same day for dinner. The food was also excellent, the service impeccable and kind. Best place on earth right here.

Ruben 26 Jun 2022

We’ve had a great time at 41. The burger was literally the best I’ve ever ate. Cocktails we’re amazing as well. Staff did their ultimate best to give you the best time possible. At the end of the day when we asked for the bill, the staff unfortunately made a mistake charging a bottle of rosé instead of a glass. When we found out and told them, the staff felt so ashamed and immediately came up with a solution and give us free sunbeds for another day. Overall great experience with amazing music. Best beach club in Perivolos!

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