JoJo Beach Bar

Very Good 4.2/5 953 reviews

Nestled along the shores of Perivolos' black sandy beach, you'll discover the Jojo Beach Bar. It specializes in a fusion of exotic flavors, making it a beloved spot for both locals and tourists. Jojo’s architecture combines natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal to create a harmonious earthy-toned environment.

Jojo offers a versatile dining experience, featuring outdoor seating for your enjoyment. The place is complemented by an in-bar swimming pool, where you can enjoy unique and lively gatherings, often graced by renowned artists. The menu includes a variety of simple yet delectable sandwiches and dishes that are made only with the finest quality ingredients. Cool drinks and exotic cocktails are available for your enjoyment to enhance the party atmosphere.

As you step into Jojo, you'll be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of its beachfront location. The Beach Bar's friendly and welcoming staff, always adorned with warm smiles, ensure that your visit is nothing short of memorable. The view of the deep blue sea sets the perfect backdrop for your dining experience. Whether you're savoring delicious food, or enjoying a refreshing drink, Jojo offers the ideal choice for a perfect vacation, where every moment is filled with delight and relaxation.

Sea View
Outdoor seating

Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan

+30 6942444564
Location & area
Location of JoJo Beach Bar

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JoJo Beach Bar is located in Perivolos village
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Operation Hours

Daily 10:00 am - 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan

Dining Style

Casual Dining, Family Style

Dress code


Reviews on Google
Very Good based on 953 reviews
ahmed souilmi
ahmed souilmi 16 Aug 2023

I had a fantastic time at this beach club! The comfortable and pristine sunbeds right by the sea made for a truly relaxing experience. The convenience of having access to both the bar and the pool added to the enjoyment. The impeccable quality of the sunbeds made lounging by the water a complete pleasure. A perfect spot for a day of relaxation and fun!

אניה אניה
אניה אניה 25 Sep 2023

Best beach bar in Santorini. Great food. Best value for your money. We came to Jojo 3 times during our stay in santorini and took the first line beds, you get one king size shaded bed+2 personal sunbeds FOR 50€!!!, great view, there’s also a pool inside. Tony is your guy. He has the best vibes.

Dara Banna
Dara Banna 06 Jul 2022

The place is very nice. There is a pool and access to the sea. However do NOT eat food there. It is totally over priced and doesn’t taste that good. I paid 77€ for 2 meals and a salad. The octopus was very small. The meat was burned. The salad tasted nothing like greek salad. I would recommend drinking and having fun at the beach instead of eating food. There are way better restaurants in that area. Try to go to other places.

Stephen Garrod
Stephen Garrod 11 Aug 2023

A beautiful beach front location with amazing sunbeds and a pool out back.

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