Kamara Beach Bar

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Between the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the alluring scene of Mesa Vouno in Kamari Beach, you will find our charming traditional canteen called Kamara Beach Bar, where simplicity and peacefulness meet on a canvas with your favorite colors! This on-earth paradise will draw your memory with your most beautiful and relaxing moments. From the chosen varieties of coffee, the fresh cocktails, and the most tasteful fast-food flavors, Kamara Beach is ready to offer all that you wish for your most unforgettable summertime! The quality of our used products is what keeps us one of the top destinations on the island over the years!

Take advantage of our top location, stay till the first evening hours when the sun goes down, and admire the most picturesque sunset you have ever seen! The mixture of the sky colors combined with the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea is the hour when anyone can relax their thoughts and feel the real summer breeze! Lie down in our comfortable sunbeds, take a sip from your drink, cheers your glasses with your friends, and let the virgin scenery inspire your feelings. Will you miss that?

Sea View
Outdoor seating
Live music


+30 2286033458
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Location of Kamara Beach Bar

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Kamara Beach Bar is located in Kamari village
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Daily 9:00 am - 9:00 pm



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Fast Food

Reviews on Google
Superb based on 619 reviews
I. T.
I. T. 15 Jun 2022

We liked this particular spot of the beach. Right at the corner, it offers relaxing vibes (with very good taste in music - mainly chill beats & piano) unlike typical loud and tourist-packed beach bars. The cliffside offers some wild nature as a view. Sometimes brave (and stupid) youngsters may have a cliff diving competition into the water. Beware of the very steep seashore. It goes deep very suddenly, and can put you off balance combined with some big waves & uneven footing on the pebbles. Not recommended for those who are not confident at swimming.

Anežka Jurovatá
Anežka Jurovatá 25 May 2022

Nice beach with black sand or stones, unfortunately hard to walk barefoot in some places.. Many restaurants, great service and nice people everywhere.

Parks Daniel
Parks Daniel 09 Oct 2021

Beach is beautiful. Touristy, but void of Americans, unlike other parts of the island. Quiet, low key. Spent many chill afternoons here.

Ante Grbavac
Ante Grbavac 08 Sep 2022

Beautiful location, quality service and best caffe made by my friend electrician. You can enjoyed in the umbrella shade by the bar or on beach chair next to the sea on what's probably the most "instagramic" location in Kamari

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