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This is definitely a difficult question to answer! Santorini has several villages that stick out for their unparalleled beauty, each in its own way. The island is interwoven with amazing views, a unique terrain morphology, enthralling sunsets, idyllic summers and its well-known volcano. The wild natural beauty captivates visitors in every corner and endless options for activities and entertainment are available. Anytime of the year it constitutes an ideal destination as it is a magical place and just to have set eyes on it would make anyone feel grateful. Santorini holds a great cultural heritage as well as offers a splendid sightseeing experience, with various resplendent landmarks and attractions to visit. So it comes down to the personal needs, expectations and tastes of every traveler.

No one can deny the unrepeatable beauty of the capital of Santorini, Fira. Ιt is built about 260 meters above sea level, with whitewashed houses suspended on the rim of the caldera bathed in the bright sun. The view from here cannot be put into words! Besides its incomparable charm with the quaint alleys, sights and all, it is the center of Santorini, the liveliest settlement with cosmopolitan character and intense nightlife. Of course everybody will visit the capital of Santorini, but if you choose to stay here you will find the most amenities, bus routes to the rest of the villages and the greatest variety of restaurants, cafes, bar-clubs and shops. A plethora of luxurious hotels with infinity pools situated on the edge of the caldera cliffs will stagger you.

The same jaw-dropping view, breathtaking caldera and enviable architecture with marbled paths are offered in Oia village as well. Unlike Fira, Oia is a more picturesque and peaceful settlement but less cosmopolitan and crowded, apart from the sunset hour. Its sunset is famous worldwide since it constitutes a glittering sight that highlights the flawless surroundings. There are many splendid hotels that overlook the impressive volcano and the open sea. At the bottom of the village there are two lovely harbors, Armeni and Ammoudi, which offer access to the sea and stand out for their quaintness. On the other hand, especially if you visit Santorini during summer, the villages of Perissa and Kamari are a great choice for different reasons. They are coastal settlements that own the two most popular and long beaches of Santorini. These beautiful seaside resorts, which are separated by Mesa Vouno Mountain, provide crystal-clear waters, extraordinary black volcanic sand and fully-organized beaches with a variety of water sport facilities. Along the waterfront there are many shops, cafes, bars and taverns. By staying in a hotel in each of these two villages you will enjoy the easiest and quickest access to the sea.

Another spectacular settlement is Pyrgos. It is built on the foot of Prophet Elias Mountain and being the highest village of the island it offers the most magnificent panoramic views. The fact that it mainly remains untouched of the touristic development along with its traditional character and the medieval characteristics makes it a very attractive choice. There is a charming main square with cafes, shops and restaurants. This wonderful hillside village is filled with adorable white houses and churches, galleries, vineyards and narrow winding paths. Here you can enjoy a serene and relaxing stay.

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