The beaches in Santorini stand out for their unique characteristics that, unlike other Greek islands with the golden sandy beaches and azure waters, are known for their volcanic nature. This means colorful lava sand and pebbles, special rock formations and jaw-dropping, dramatic landscapes. Of course all of them own crystal clear waters and there is a variety of options, from tranquil family beaches to popular beach resorts and out-of-this-world beaches, tailor-made for adventurous travellers as some of them are not easily accessible.

The most famous beach resort that boasts a Blue Flag award is Kamari Beach, a lengthy black sandy beach. It is fully-organized with all kinds of facilities, shops and watersports. Its family-friendly character and lovely coastal road full of cafes and restaurants make it the ideal choice any time of the day. Another hot spot, with an abundance of facilities, watersports, shops, restaurants and beach bars with a swimming pool is Perissa Beach. The Blue Flag award depicts its wonderful refreshing waters, clean environment, cosmopolitan and fun character and luxurious amenities. This black volcanic beach actually forms a long sandy beach along with Perivolos Beach; together they constitute a great party scene with lively atmosphere that mainly attracts young crowds.

A more peaceful yet organized beach is the wondrous Vlychada Beach. It is definitely worth a visit for the amazing naturally carved cliffs that create a lunar landscape. There is a beautiful beach bar but also enough free space for those who seek tranquility; the perfect combination in an extraordinary, large sandy beach. The top family-oriented beach, ideal for children, as it has shallow waters, the nicest sand you can find on the island, a playground and many more facilities and restaurants/taverns, is Monolithos Beach which is rather quiet and also great for watersports. Last but not least, the most photographed and the star of Santorini beaches is the Red Beach. Renowned for its red steep cliffs, red pebbly sand and dark blue waters that create a wild setting. This narrow beach is perfect for snorkeling since it owns a colorful sea floor with interesting rock formations. However, many people prefer just to look down on it and admire it as it can get really crowded and hot during summer. Plus it not that easily accessible; you can either go by boat or on foot by following a steep short path.
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