1. Book a hotel with a private pool on the caldera cliffs

Book a hotel with a private pool on the caldera cliffs or choose a hotel that owns honeymoon suites. The caldera view along with the vast Aegean Sea and the volcano compose an utterly magnificent sight that takes your breath away! Imagine taking in this view every day from your balcony while relaxing in your private pool. A lavish honeymoon suite will offer you royal service and is just right for such a special and unique occasion of your lives.

2. Book one of the Honeymoon and Romantic Tours

Book one of the Honeymoon and Romantic Tours which include private boat tours and sunset boat tours. You can also join a Catamaran Cruise where you can enjoy a splendid barbeque lunch or dinner on board, sip a refreshing cocktail while watching the majestic sunset from the deck and see some of Santorini’s wondrous places and attractions. In most of the cruises, you will, of course, visit and swim in the crystal clear waters of Red Beach and Black Beach, the two most popular volcanic beaches of the whole island.

3. Have an exclusive romantic dinner by candlelight at a fancy restaurant built on the caldera cliffs

The caldera view at night is completely amazing as the lights create a very romantic atmosphere. Alternatively, you can enjoy a peaceful romantic dinner beneath the stunning village of Oia, at the small charming cove of Ammoudi, the most picturesque place on the island of Santorini. Here you can even taste local dishes and specialties at a traditional tavern.

4. Visit Santo Wines or Venetsanos Winery

Try the fabled wines of Santorini, like Vinsanto and Nychteri. Both wineries provide spectacular views as they overlook the caldera, the volcano and the Aegean Sea and they offer a complete wine tasting experience. You can join a guided tour around their premises too and have the chance to explore the wineries and learn about the history and techniques of winemaking in Santorini. The wineries own shops so that you can take your favorite wine back home and be able to indulge again in a pleasant journey of tastes and aromas.

5. Visit Oia

The most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini, where multitudes of people gather in order to admire the formidable sunset - an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Oia is characterized by extraordinary natural beauty and pastel-colored traditional houses scattered across the staggering caldera cliffs. You can wonder around its quaint alleys, explore its landmarks, gaze at the sublime view and have a meal at a lovely restaurant or a drink at an idyllic bar. Day and night Oia is the place to be.

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