When someone hears the term “Black Beach”, several questions come into his mind as the sight of a beach with black color is fairly unusual. So let’s find out the answers to all the questions!

Photo Black Sand Beach of Kamari

Why are there black color beaches in Santorini?

If we travel back to the history of Santorini island, we will discover that the morphology and the shape of the island used to be totally different. The formation of the island of Santorini to the beauty that it is today, is due to the volcanic activity and the eruption of the famous Volcano of Santorini that occurred around 1600 BC.

This severe and catastrophic eruption, not only gave a new shape to Santorini and made it the unique and gifted place that it is, but also led to the creation of its black sandy beaches that cannot be found elsewhere in the Aegean.

The result of this eruption was that the whole island was covered in pumice, ash and volcanic lava. The mixture of these ingredients with the sand is what gives the beaches this dark color and makes them so extraordinary and different from the other beaches. This impressive landscape along with the crystal clear waters, make the black sandy beaches of Santorini a popular destination, visited by many people every year!

Where is Black Sand Beach located?

Many people are familiar with the name “Black Sand Beach” in Santorini referring to one particular beach. The truth is that there are many beaches on the island that have been formed by the solidified lava giving them this dark color, with the most popular ones located at the southeast coast of Santorini, just a 24-minute drive from the town of Fira. Those are the beaches of Perissa and Perivolos, two vast beaches one after the other that create a long shore. Covered with black sand and pebbles and in contrast with the blue color of the clear waters, they constitute an idyllic location for their visitors and a great place to spend their holidays at.

Another famous black beach in Santorini, is Kamari beach. Separated from Perissa beach by Mesa Vouno Mountain and a 16-minute drive from Fira, Kamari beach is considered a beautiful place to relax with your family or friends.

Useful Information

These famous black beaches are fully organized with beach umbrellas and wide comfortable sunbeds alongshore, and many beach bars and restaurants. Actually, Perissa and Perivolos are considered the places to be if you want to party and have fun at midday, with Perivolos hosting many beach parties every day! Famous DJs are invited occasionally and lively vibes are transferred to the shore of this cosmopolitan beach. Visitors can feel this vivid atmosphere while enjoying their cocktails by the pool or surrounded by the beauty of this unique location.

For water sports lovers, there is a wide selection of adventure activities, from jet skiing to parasailing, which ensure moments of fun and excitement that will definitely be memorable!

While in Santorini, make sure that you spend a day at the Black Sand Beaches as you will be captivated by their unique wild beauty and lively atmosphere!
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