In the peaceful, traditional village of Akrotiri that lies on the southwest coast of Santorini, you can visit the great Venetian castle of Akrotiri. It is estimated that it was built in the first century of the Venetian rule by the occupiers, as a shelter and a refuge. It also used to be called La Ponta which in Latin means the peak.

The castle, which was actually a fortified settlement, was constructed around the defensive tower (the Goulas) that stood in the middle from the 13th century. The excellent fortification of the castle and its strategic position allowed it to keep its integrity for many years, even during the first decades of the Ottoman rule. In 1617 the fall of the castle from the Turkish was a fact. Inside it there were around 200 houses with iron doors and narrow winding streets. In close distance, like in the rest four fortified settlements, there was a church dedicated to Agia Theodosia. Until 1956, when an earthquake hit Santorini, the castle was maintained in good condition. Nowadays, you can admire the ruins and fragments that have remained and have a picture of how this glorious settlement used to be in its days of prosperity.

The great news is that the tower has revived since 2012 through an important transformation and a restoration. That year two people took the initiative to found a tsabouna exhibition and a workshop called La Ponta (tsabouna is a Greek folk wind instrument). From April to October there are daily guided tours where visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of the tower, get acquainted with some traditional Greek instruments and their construction and even buy handcrafted musical instruments, books and rare artifacts from a shop. What is more, from May to October lovely concerts are organized in the evenings which are exceptional and will make your visit even more enjoyable. The idyllic setting, the nice atmosphere and the spectacular view make it an excellent choice you will certainly cherish.

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Location of The castle of Akrotiri

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The castle of Akrotiri is located in Akrotiri village
The castle of Akrotiri is located in Akrotiri village

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