In the traditional village of Pyrgos, which is the highest settlement of Santorini, you can admire the atmospheric castle of Pyrgos. It is probably the most recent one of the five fortified settlements of the island since it was built around 1580. Its position, which was chosen for strategic reasons, offers unique views as it overlooks vast plains and the sparkling Aegean Sea.

During the Frankish occupation, the Venetian invaders constructed the castle in order to protect themselves from the pirates. Its structure was similar to the fortress of Skaros. Inside the fortified city there were narrow, multi-story houses and churches. In the middle there was a tower, called Goulas, which served as an observatory and a warehouse. At a later time it was demolished and the church of Agios Georgios was built in its position. Interesting is the fact that there were underground passageways that in case of emergency were used as ways of escape. The castle had only one entrance from where the inhabitants used to pour boiling hot oil on the intruders. About 70 families lived inside the castle and another settlement had been created outside of it as well, where later on the first school of Thera was founded.

The castle of Pyrgos is well-preserved despite the serious damage the earthquake of 1956 provoked and the demolition of many buildings. A visit to the Kasteli will bring you awe and excitement as a mystique penetrates the area. You can imagine and even feel the glory of the past era as you wander around its alleyways. Like the rest of the castles, close to its entrance lies the church of Agia Theodosia. Furthermore, there are two beautiful churches inside the castle; the church of Koimisis of Theotokou which is one of the oldest churches of Santorini and the church of Eisodion of Theotokou which is built at the highest point of the castle. Finally, the temple of Agios Nikolaos can be found in the lovely square outside the castle. On top of that, from the castle you can cherish spectacular views of the island that extends below your feet, which will entirely captivate you.

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Location of The castle of Pyrgos

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The castle of Pyrgos is located in Pyrgos village
The castle of Pyrgos is located in Pyrgos village

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