The castle of Emporio and the Tower of Nimborio (as the village also used to be called) is at the largest village of Santorini, on the south part. Emporio village was the commercial center of the island and the purpose of the castle was to guard the transactions and the residents in general, mainly from the perilous pirate invasions which were common during the Frankokratia in Cyclades. Thus the Venetians built five fortified settlements throughout Santorini to shield themselves.

The castle in Emporio was constructed in the mid-15th century at the center of the village. It was very well fortified and structured; the houses were built side by side and they were connected by bridges. The interior reminds a labyrinth with very narrow streets where only one person could fit. There are steps, doors, small windows and arches everywhere. For safety reasons there was only one entrance to the settlement that still exists. The castle is exemplary for its architecture and lovely sentiments overrun the visitors as they walk through its paths. It is definitely the best maintained castle and one of the most beautiful landmarks of Santorini. Inside the fortified settlement there are various wonderful churches, among them the church of Panagia Mesiani that dates back to the 16th century.

The typical tower Goulas was built outside the castle in small distance. The utility of this defensive tower was to store the crop and was also used as a refuge. There used to be a small chapel inside it and a tunnel that connected it with the castle. It is a square building that still stands at the north part of the village with obvious decay.

The great history, the interesting architecture, the past aura and the beautiful harmonious colors of this fortified settlement make it the big attraction of Emporio village and a must-see site of Santorini.

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Location of The castle of Emporio

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The castle of Emporio is located in Emporio village
The castle of Emporio is located in Emporio village

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