Canava Villas


Looking for a relaxing getaway? Look no further than Canava Villas in Santorini. This villa offers breathtaking city and sea views as well as a seasonal outdoor pool, sauna, and hot tub. With a private pool, garden, and free private parking, this villa is perfect for a family vacation.

Anna and Theo will be your hosts in Santorini and want to make sure that your stay will be perfect. They want you to have a memorable and local-wise experience and are there to help make that happen. Both are knowledgeable about the island and are happy to share their insights and recommendations with you!

There's also a coffee machine and a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and stovetop in the villa, making cooking easy. Featured, are 5 bedrooms, a living room, and 6 bathrooms with a bidet and a shower. Towels and bed linen are also provided and there's even a bicycle rental service and car rental service available onsite.

The closest beaches are approximately 2.5 km away. Santorini International is 10 km from the property. Canava Villas in Santorini offers a paid airport shuttle service to help you get around.

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English Greek
Location & area
Location of Canava Villas

Area map & nearby sights

Canava Villas is located in Emporio village
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2 adults
1 room
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About this area
Location of Canava Villas

Area map & nearby sights

Canava Villas is located in Emporio

The village of Emporio is the largest village in Santorini and it is located in the south part of the island, only 12 kilometers away from Fira town, the capital of Santorini. It is built at the foothills of Prophet Elias Mountain, and we could say that the paths at one of its sections create a beautiful maze, full of traditional buildings with different shapes and colors. Close to Emporio lies the beautiful Perissa village, at only 3 kilometers distance, and its amazing Perissa beach with its black volcanic landscape.

The name “Emporio” means “trade” in Greek, and they say that in the past years the village used to be the center of trade on the island. Moreover, in the heart of the village, you will find beautiful traditional houses with small nice yards and renovated hotels, as well as one of the five fortified castles of Santorini, the medieval Kasteli, surrounded by narrow alleys, great for perfect afternoon relaxing strolls.

Choosing your stay at a nice hotel in Emporio, will give you the chance to feel its tradition and the simple pace of life that locals follow.

Get here from Santorini Airport

By Car 30 min drive

Your own car Rent a car TAXI Find one when you arrive
By Bus 1-2 hours

In order to reach the place from the airport, take the bus from the Airport to Fira and then change to another bus with direction to Perissa. There is a bus stop in Emporio village.

Get here from Athinios Port

By Car 20 min drive

Your own car Rent a car TAXI Find one when you arrive
By Bus 0.5-1 hour

In order to reach the place from the port, take the bus from the Port to Fira and get off in Pyrgos village. Then, take another bus with direction to Perissa. There is a bus stop in Emporio village.

Facilities of Canava Villas
Policies & important information





Children & beds

Children are not allowed


No pets or service animals allowed


There is no front desk at this property. The host will greet guests on arrival.

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