Why choose Finikia village

The tranquil village of Finikia is located on the north part of Santorini, 10 kilometers northwest of the capital Fira, very close to Oia settlement. The village stands out for the colorful buildings that remind a painting and compose an incredible setting. It overlooks green vineyards and the neighboring... Learn more
Finikia hotels
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Elysian Santorini

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face wifi pool

Exceptional 341 reviews

Red Stone Villa

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room_service face wifi pool

Exceptional 196 reviews

Edem Luxury Hotel

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local_bar hot_tub wifi

Exceptional 36 reviews

Aperanto Suites

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room_service wifi pool face pool

Fabulous 262 reviews

Cave house mARTrona

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room_service face wifi

Exceptional 4 reviews

Mellow Luxury Cave

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hot_tub wifi room_service local_dining local_bar

Superb 13 reviews

View Hotel by Secret

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local_dining room_service local_bar pool wifi pool pool

Superb 98 reviews
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