From exquisite waters, picturesque villages, and remarkable hillsides to fascinating nightlife and stunning sunsets, Santorini has everything to be called the top tourist destination in Greece.

Whether you’ve planned a romantic trip with the love of your life or a fun getaway with friends or family, you should brace yourself for a memorable experience!

Santorini might be a small island but moving around from one place to another may bring last-minute stress and frustration if you haven’t planned in advance.

Let’s see what options you have:

Transportation options

Rent a Vehicle

When you have your own means of transportation, you can explore and go anywhere on the island whenever you like.

Almost all the best things to do in Santorini are made easier and more fun by renting a vehicle. And don’t worry, you have no chance of getting lost in the small island!

Rent a Car

The best and perhaps the safest means of transportation in Santorini is a rented car.

Rent one at the airport or port upon arrival and save yourself the time of waiting for a bus or taxi!

The price for renting a car in Santorini starts from 30 euro per day and you can simply drop it off at the place where you got it.

Rent an ATV/QUAD

To take the excitement level up a notch, book an ATV/QUAD in Santorini for a day. The renting price starts from 30 euro per day and it depends on your booking period.

Heads-up: The transportation mode is often unstable and prone to accidents, so it’d be best to reserve one for a day adventure with friends!

Rent a Motorbike

A motorbike is yet another convenient and fast mode of transportation in Santorini.

You can park them anywhere and most of them come with auto transmission. On top of that, the daily price starts from as low as 20 euro!

Things you should know before renting a vehicle

  • The island can get extremely busy with tourists and the narrow roads may become congested
  • Drive carefully, and only rent a car if you have experience behind the steering wheel
  • Parking spots may fill quickly, especially in Fira Town and Oia Village
  • Remember to drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • You must have a European or an international driving license, as most rental companies ask for one

The Parking Issue

Parking won’t be an issue with a motorbike or an ATV but it can be a hassle if you rent a private car in Santorini. So, if you’re planning a trip in the high season, be prepared for it, particularly in Fira town and Oia village.

Parking Areas in Fira Town

There are two parking areas in Fira Town where you can park your vehicle for free.

Parking Areas in Oia Village

There are two parking areas where you can park your vehicle by paying a certain fee.

Travel by Bus

The central bus station of Santorini is in Fira Town and all the itineraries start and return there only.

While it won’t take you to all places on the island, it is the cheapest way to go around with prices ranging between 1.8 to 2.5 euros.

The bus stations are pre-defined and fixed – you can’t stop wherever you like. Sometimes, they may arrive packed with people so you’ll have to wait for the next one. You should also know that the bus ride is a cash-only service. So remember to have loose change with you when you board the vehicle.

From Fira to other destinations, you’ll find bus stops at small villages and some popular hotels and sights.

Fira – Kamari Itinerary

In the summer season, the bus comes every 15 minutes.
Route:Fira – Karterados – Messaria – Koutsougianopoulos winery – Mesa Gonia – Kamari

Fira – Perissa EXPRESS Itinerary

In the summer season, the bus comes every 30 minutes.
Route: Fira – El Greco hotel – Volcano View hotel – Santo Wines – Megalochori – Emporio – Perivolos – Perissa

Fira – Perissa Itinerary

The bus comes every 30 minutes in the summer season.
Route:Fira – Karterados – Messaria – Vothonas – Pyrgos - Megalochori – Emporio – Perivolos – Perissa

Fira – Akrotiri Itinerary

In the summer season, the bus comes every 20 minutes.
Route: Fira – El Greco hotel – Volcano View hotel – Santo Wines – Megalochori village – Red Beach – Akrotiri

Fira – Oia Itinerary

The bus comes every 15 minutes in the summer season.
Route: Fira – Firostefani – Imerovigli – Finikia – Oia

Fira – Airport Itinerary

During the summer period, the bus is available every 1 hour.
Route:Fira – Karterados – Messaria – Airport

You can find additional details about the bus routes on the official website of KTEL Santorini.

Please note that some itineraries may not be available during the night or there may be one bus for every one hour. Also, note that the buses (of each route) don’t arrive at the same time. You will have to check the schedule to see their arrival and departure times when you plan your trip.

Take a Taxi

If you don’t want to take the bus and are looking for a more luxurious ride, Santorini taxis are the answer!

With a shiny gray-silver finish, these vehicles look sleek and modern.

On the downside, finding a taxi at night during the high season may be frustrating, as you’ll only see a few of them running on the roads.

While the only taxi station is located in Fira Town, you can find a few others at the airport and Athinios port.

You can call the taxi central bus station at 0030 22860-22-555.

Book a Private Transfer

Although slightly more expensive than conventional transport, these luxurious minivans are high-quality and reliable to ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

Many travelers prefer booking private airport and port transfers to avoid long queues, unnecessary delays, and other troubles.

Another benefit is that local minivan drivers are very friendly and cooperative. They’ll happily share traveling tips and suggest trendy places you could go to, during your stay.

This is by far the best mode of transportation from the airport/port to your hotel and vice versa. It allows tourists to make the most of their time on Santorini Island!

Just make sure you book your vehicle in advance. Contact us for more details and assistance.

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