Santorini is one of the top picks for newlywed lovebirds, thanks to the picturesque views and romantic vibes! This Greek island is home to beautiful sunsets and rugged landscapes adorned with whitewashed houses and blue churches.

Why Choose Santorini for Your Honeymoon Trip

Experience Greek Luxury at the Honeymoon Suite

For honeymoon travelers, there are luxury hotels available in Caldera with private pools for intimate nights. Your honeymoon suite will open up to a breathtaking view of the island. The best hotels will offer a tranquil sanctuary despite being close to the hustle and bustle of the capital, Fira.

These luxury hotels are designed while keeping the need for privacy and comfort of newlyweds in mind. you’ll love staying a honeymoon suite if you like being treated like royalty and if you find pleasure in minimalistic aesthetics.

Romantic Walks in Beautiful Villages

You can enjoy romantic walks in Oia and Pyrgos village, taking in the beauty of the mesmerizing island. These villages spell timeless beauty, romance, and passion. Oia is a great place to enjoy the sea breeze and stare into the blue horizon overlooking the beautiful village. If you’re specifically looking for a peaceful and more private place, Pyrgos village is your best bet. Standing over a staggering cliff, this place is the ultimate hideout for couples.

Breathtaking Sunsets

Sunset at Oia
Oia, the most popular spot for watching the sunset in Santorini

Besides, the sunsets in Santorini are the most romantic and magical in the world. Standing with your partner, hand in hand, you can see the sun going down the horizon into the sea from a height of 330 meters at Oia.

The Food Affair

Santorini offers outstanding food options for tourists. You can expect to be served with delicious traditional Santorinian food at all the famous spots. Pyrgos and the surrounding area, in particular, serve the best food to treat your taste buds.

You can also find the finest restaurants and bars on Caldera cliff, where you can enjoy hearty brunch, delicious lunch, and candlelight dinner. If you and your partner are seafood lovers, you must visit the taverns located at Ammoudi – the experience of eating fresh food while enjoying stunning views is everything!

Enjoy the Santorinian Nightlife

The nightlife in Santorini is also amazing and you can have a magical experience of traveling on your date while the moon follows you. You can also get your favorite cocktails from a bar near a beach and then, sip on it while walking by the beach at night.

Best Place for Honeymoon

Santorini is one of the top destinations for newlyweds to make their honeymoon unforgettable!

The best hotels for honeymoon are those with private pools. Although a bit expensive, they offer majestic views over the cliff of Santorini, guaranteeing romantic moments that you’ll cherish forever!

Here is a list of the top hotels with a private pool and a list of selected hotels with deluxe honeymoon suites.

The island of Santorini makes visitors feel like they have just fallen into a fairytale. If we add to that a welcoming, lavish hotel with an inviting swimming pool, the image of the perfect holiday is complete. Lounging by your own private plunge pool with the love of your life and with your favorite drinks in hand, you can take in the beauty of Santorini and live the ultimate dream. Apart from the luxury of a private pool, these high-end hotels offer many more unique amenities to make your trip memorable!

We suggest you book a hotel located in Oia or Imerovigli for the best experience.

Best Things to Do in Santorini for Honeymoon Travelers

Stay at a Hotel on the Caldera

If you’re on your honeymoon, you have to stay at a hotel on the Caldera, no questions asked! Try to find a hotel that has a private pool – it may be expensive but will totally be worth it!

Book a Romantic Cruise

Explore the beautiful Santorini Island with your loved one on a romantic cruise. A private cruise is the best bet for honeymoon travelers, who are looking forward to a private and intimate getaway.

Dinner at Ammoudi or a Restaurant on the Caldera

You can enjoy a memorable dinner at Ammoudi or a lavish restaurant at Caldera. Delve into the traditional dishes of Santorini and treat your taste buds like never before!

Visit Santo Wines or Venetsanos Winery

You will have a wine tasting experience full of tastes and aromas at the most outstanding wineries of the island.

Visit Oia or Pyrgos

There’s no better way of enjoying your honeymoon than exploring Oia and Pyrgos. Trust us when we say that it’ll be an experience you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime!

Swim at Eros Beach

If you and your loved one enjoy swimming, make sure you visit Eros Beach for a fun-filled adventure. You can swim to your heart’s content and then relax by the beach, soaking the sun with your partner.

What to Do in Santorini on a 3-Day Trip

Plans for Day 1

Your first day in Santorini should be spent in the capital, Fira. It’s not only the hub of shopping but it also offers amazing views of Caldera.

Next, you should consider booking a catamaran cruise or a volcano tour or a private cruise. The catamaran or private cruise will take you to Red Beach, White Beach, and hot springs. For the best experience, we suggest you take the sunset option of the cruise because the island gets even more romantic when the sun is going down.

On the first day, spend your night out in Fira. You can enjoy a refreshing cocktail at PK Bar on the Caldera cliff while overlooking the majestic island.

Plans for Day 2

The next morning, consider visiting a black beach and swim your heart out in the crystalline waters. If you’re with your friends, we suggest you visit Perivolos Beach. It’s always buzzing with people and it also offers you the thrill of riding a jet ski to the volcano and parasailing over the mighty sea.

On the other hand, if you’re with your family and kids, you might prefer a more peaceful location. Hence, Kamari or Perissa Beach will be your best bet.

By the evening, you should be ready to visit Oia to witness the most beautiful sunset of your life. You can then end your day by enjoying a delicious meal at Ammoudi.

Plans for Day 3

On day 3, make it a point to visit Eros Beach. You’ll find the best beach bar at this private beach in Santorini. The elegant bar is built from stone and wood, where you can relax on sofas or have fun on swings and hammocks while enjoying your meal or a refreshing drink.

Then, head over to Fira to watch the sunset and take in the extraordinary beauty of the island until the restaurants start serving flavorful dinner.

Overall, there are many reasons to choose Santorini for your honeymoon trip. The island oozes with love waves and has everything a newlywed couple can dream of for their honeymoon trip!
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