Greece is a dream place where wonderful sights and experience never ends.

Everyone has their travel preference, some go for the cultural experience, some go for the beautiful scenery, some go for the nightlife, some go for the unknown. One of my preferences when choosing a travel destination is sunshine and the beach, luckily Greece is the perfect combination of all above.

Greek Island Hopping is a flexi tour that Busabout provides, the itenery is to spend 2 days in 4 islands: Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Ios. However you have the flexibility to extend your stay and join a later group.

santorini sunset

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Fira Town
We spend the afternoon walking the cobbled streets weaving through Fira – the cultural and commericial town located on the caldera cliffs opposite the volcano.The streets are filled with museums, galleries and never ending selection of jewellery shops – a girl’s heaven.

After sipping a cocktail with the Busabout group in Tropical Bar, we then head to Fanari Restaurant for sunset dinner. Most bars and restaurant are located along the edge of the cliffs, providing the presence of the volcano along with the mesmerising sunset.

Oia Village
Oia is located on the very top of Santorini, one of the most photographed place in Greece, the view at sunset is impossible to describe in words. You haven’t experience the beauty of Greece unless you picnic on Oia during sunset.
santorini volcano

santorini volcano

santorini volcano sea

Volcano and Hot Spring
We took a day trip sailing from the Old Port of Fira to the island of Nea Kameni where the volcano is located, climb to the top of the volcano, walk around the rims of the active crater. Next stop is swimming in Palia Kameni, the hot springs created by the underwater power of the volcano. By end of the day we were so exhausted we rode on donkeys to get back up the hill.

Author: Carolyn Feng

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