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Santorini is a Greek island of the Aegean Sea. It is located on its southern part and belongs to Cyclades, a group of Greek islands. There are two ways to access Santorini from Athens, the capital of Greece. You can travel either by plane (Athens International Airport ’’Eleftherios Venizelos’’) or by ferryboat (Piraeus Port). There are also links between Santorini and other Greek islands.

The flight is the quickest, easiest and most direct way as it lasts more or less 40 minutes and you can book your tickets in advance. It is more expensive, of course, than the ferry. The National Airport of Santorini is situated on the east side of the island, in Kamari village, at a distance of 5 kilometers from the capital Fira. To get to Fira you can take a taxi or a bus from the station outside the airport and from the capital there are connections to the rest of the settlements. Additionally, there is the option of a charter flight half-yearly and some European airlines provide direct flights to Santorini.

From the port of Piraeus in Athens, which is connected to the airport by a bus line, you can take the ferryboat which takes 8 hours or the High-Speed ferry where the trip lasts about 5 hours and is a little more expensive. The departures are frequent and the journey is enjoyable as the ferries have comfortable areas with TVs, restaurants and cafes and decks from where you can relish the Aegean Sea and gaze the breathtaking view of the caldera as you reach Santorini. Athinios is the main port of Santorini and lies approximately 10 kilometers away from Fira. You can always find a bus from the port to the capital or you can take a taxi for a more convenient transfer. Lastly, along the port there are some car and motorbike rental services.
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