Santorini is synonymous with lavishness due to the fact that some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are found here. Fantastic boutique hotels are what the villages along the caldera on the west side of the island (Imerovigli, Oia, Firostefani and Fira) proudly boast about. If you are looking for the best luxurious, five-star hotels, then find your way to Santorini. Book early though, like 6 months in advance, as the finest hotels fill up early and have only a few rooms left.

Top Hotels in Santorini, Greece

Astra Suites
– (Imerovigli, Caldera)
Astra Suites hotel beautifully sits atop the most stunning volcanic cliffs of Santorini, in the peaceful Imerovigli village. It visually resembles an old-fashioned Cycladic village. An abundance of magazines have called it the best hotel in the small island of Santorini, Greece. Looking at its huge and tastefully decorated suites, there is no doubt it is.

Mystique – (Oia, Caldera)
Mystique hotel is akin to a beautiful, enchanting mystery. It soars over the rocky heights of the southernmost tip of Oia, Santorini. If you stay at Mystique hotel, the tranquility of the sea and the mind-blowing vista of the caldera cliffs are the only things that will distract you. Forget other hotels in Greece. Mystique’s mood is one of laid-back lavishness and mystery.

Perivolas – (Oia, Caldera)
Unlike other hotels in Santorini, Perivolas is a cave hotel that boasts a plethora of private houses in restored 300-year-old caves. This hotel gives the phrase “laidback luxury” a whole new meaning. It offers spectacular views, absolute tranquility, top amenities and all these in a breathtaking location.

Absolute Bliss - (Imerovigli, Caldera)
This hotel is just that: an absolute bliss. It is prominently located on the most privileged spot of Imerovigli village, which faces the west. Therefore, Absolute Bliss has an enthralling westward view towards the small island of Therasia. It owns lovely private balconies that complement its very large suites. It is undoubtedly the best hotel for a honeymoon.

Art Maisons Oia Castle – (Oia, Caldera)
Among the various luxurious hotels in Santorini, Oia Castle hotel is the only one that was once used as a fortress. But now it is the most popular spot for lovers and romance. Perched high on the volcanic island of Santorini, the once legendary Castle of Oia is a magical hotel that lures lovers to the breathtaking views of the world’s most famous sunset.

Belvedere – (Firostefani, Caldera)
Three words sum up the Belvedere Hotel: sunset, location and luxury. If you are in search of a hotel that will give you new dimensions in the cosmopolitan accommodation in Santorini, then the Belvedere is your best choice. Imagine the wild Caldera at every glimpse that you take in the horizon, small and big boats slipping in the calm waters and the sunset on your fingertips.

Aria Suites – (Fira, Caldera)
The Aria Suites hotel is filled with the light of the Greek, Mediterranean sun, and a panoramic view of the volcano and the historic Akrotiri. It is a simple yet an exquisite Cycladic luxury that lies in Fira town, the capital of Santorini. It has 6 deluxe suites which make it an elite boutique hotel. The dominant white and black colors adorn every corner of the hotel.

The Tsitouras Collection – (Firostefani, Caldera)
This is not an ordinary Santorini hotel. It is a hospitality vision that transcends time and goes beyond the clichéd, ordinary, white minimal décor that is common in the majority of the hotels in Santorini. The Tsitouras Hotel is simply a manifestation of a remarkable hospitality vision that blends local architecture, sophisticated aesthetics and imaginative creativity.