The Lost Atlantis Museum was established in 2019 in the picturesque Megalochori village. Its facilities are brand new and inside visitors can have a digital interactive experience that exceeds expectations. It is the first museum ever created for the famed myth of Lost Atlantis about a likely mythical island nation mentioned in Plato’s works as a powerful and advanced kingdom that sank into the ocean. The legend, which has had a considerable impact on literature and the arts through the centuries, was interpreted as the philosopher’s way to convey his message about his ideal city. Τhe catastrophe of the Minoan civilization and Ancient Thera (Santorini) are strongly connected with Lost Atlantis by some claims.

A tour at the Lost Atlantis Museum is sure to be insightful and will quench visitors' thirst for both culture and mythology. Through a variety of digital installations and engaging presentations, they will embark on a journey alongside the great Greek philosopher Plato. He comes to life in an animated hologram and gives you the chance to ask and learn more about his philosophy. He also reveals his inspiration for the ideal city through an interactive fresco. A series of interactive videos presents the Minoan history of Santorini and the evidence for the connection between its volcanic eruption and the Lost Atlantis myth. A holographic representation showcases the topography of Santorini and the largest Atlantis diorama in the world introduces the everyday life of its people. Last but not least, a 9D experience will surprise visitors as they can witness the destruction of Atlantis with all their senses.

The experience is not only educational and informative but entertaining as well. It is a perfect mix of fantasy and history that young and old alike will cherish since after the visit everyone will be attracted to learn more. All the exhibits are available in 7 languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese).

Children under 6 years can’t take part in the 9D experience. Access and parking are convenient and all the public areas of the museum are wheelchair accessible. Keep in mind that pets, eating and drinking are not allowed inside the museum. Photography and filming are permitted in all areas except the 9D experience.

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Location of Lost Atlantis Museum

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Lost Atlantis Museum is located in Megalochori village
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