Aktaion Restaurant

Superb 4.5/5 925 reviews

Enjoy your family or a romantic dinner under the moonlight and bright stars of Firostefani village. Our idyllic location overlooks the entire Caldera and the infinity Aegean blue Sea, serving the finest products from the land and sea of the island of Santorini. Our creative Mediterranean dishes meet modern techniques, with refined aesthetics and quality. With respect to every aspect of Greek traditional cuisine, Aktaion Restaurant has opened its doors on the island 100 years ago. We cultivate human relationships and kindness all over these years, the key factors driving our work and the entire team. The beautiful Cycladic decoration makes you feel the air of an island!

Our motto is fully represented in the wine list of our bottery, which is masterfully curated by the owner of the restaurant, as he has his own production. Apart from our wine production, we also represent the many times, awarded Santorinian wines, that tell the story of this land and its hard-working farmers! Aktaion Restaurant highlights the wonders of the eternal island from its one-of-a-kind vantage point, providing the perfect backdrop sunset view of all times while dining!

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional Fish


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Aktaion Restaurant is located in Firostefani village
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Lunch Daily 1:00 pm - 12:00 am , Sunday 6:00 pm–12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional, Fish

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Fine Dining, Family Style

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Reviews on Google
Superb based on 925 reviews
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams 04 Oct 2022

This place is truly fantastic! This restaurant has been family run for 100 years. During our 5 day stay in santorini we came here 5 times. Everything on the menu is excellent and we were blown away by the quality and depth of flavor. Make sure you try the fried feta, eggplant rolls, moussaka, handmade pasta with mushrooms(one of the best things I’ve ever eaten), lamb, veal, the list goes on! Dessert was divine as well!! The red table wine so good. We will miss this place, one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Only downside is service is slow- typical for Europe though. The servers are all very friendly and remembered us.

Dax DA SILVA 27 Oct 2022

If you want a real Greek cuisine experience look no further. This historic and quaint establishment serves some of the best on the island. PS come hungry because the portions are huge. Also the lamb shank is superb.

L C 28 May 2022

Food was so tasty!! We got the; Cheese ball starter Avocado salad Mushroom pasta (great for kids) Squid dish The waiter was so friendly and chatty and helped us choose a dish for my son. Seats right on the cliff or at the restaurant itself. We sat at the restaurant and out outside and it was so lovely. Overall, great dinner and would definitely recommend

Mark Liu
Mark Liu 05 Jul 2022

I've visited a few restaurants in Santorini, one that cost so much my jaws dropped. More expensive than Michelin stars restaurants with great reviews but nothing impressed me as much as Aktaion. Hard to make reservation but if you come first thing at open, you may have a slim chance as walk in. The dishes are similar besides the mushroom gyros but they did it very well at least with the top reviews restaurants we tried in Santorini. Mushroom gyro - This one is must get. It's unique because we haven't seen any of the restaurants we tried in Greece. So well marinated and flavorful, I enjoyed just have the mushroom itself. Fried calamari - It's fried calamari. Though I do like the batter sticks well on the calamari. Grilled octopus - The grilled octopus was grilled very well, you can taste the charred grill flavor. But the puree really took the spot light. Nicely flavored. There were some green stuff, like a puree sauce. Whatever it was, it's sweet and little bit of sour. So flavorful. Grilled pork neck - It was amazing! The grilled flavor and the tenderness of the pork neck was so good. Very impressed. Mushroom pasta - so Al dente. It's extraordinarily. Love the mushroom and truffle sauce. It's really awesome! Sea bass - I don't like fish much but my wife said it was good. I tried a bit and it was definitely fresh. Seafood pasta - If you had pasta in Greece you will noticed they often use tomatoes sauce. This one is also tomato based but I was very impressed with how excellent the flavor is. It's not overwhelmed by the tomato flavor but they used the juice off the prawn to make a tomato cream sauce. It's quite delightful and was the best sauce I've had in Greece with pasta.

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