Alati Restaurant

Exceptional 4.7/5 30 reviews

Situated in the center of Megalochori village, Alati Restaurant which belongs to Vedema Luxury Resort, aims to preserve the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine while offering a pure and delightful culinary journey! The village, known for its timeless allure and Cycladic architecture, provides a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. As for the name "Alati," it draws inspiration from the Greek word for salt. Historically, salt has been a precious commodity, symbolizing both purity and preservation!

The restaurant is constructed using stone, featuring natural tones that evoke the ambiance of a cellar, much like the actual cellar within the restaurant! Alati Restaurant is renowned for its delectable menu, offering a tantalizing array of dishes that showcase the rich tapestry of traditional Greek flavors with a modern twist! From expertly prepared seafood to tastefully grilled meats, each dish embodies a flawless integration of high-quality ingredients and culinary skills. Elevating this gastronomic experience is Alati's thoughtfully chosen wine selection stored in the cellar, displaying a varied array of both local and international vintages. On the contrary, the cocktails exemplify the art of mixology, with adept bartenders creating distinctive and flavorful blends, offering a revitalizing and refined dimension to the entire dining affair!

At the core of this gastronomic sanctuary, the committed and skilled personnel in Alati Restaurant constitute the foundation of your dining venture! The well-known Chefs inject enthusiasm into every dish, while the attentive servers guarantee your satisfaction. Each team member is devoted to crafting an unforgettable experience just for you embracing the essence of hospitality and turning your visit into an extraordinary exploration of tastes and coziness!

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Fish


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Alati Restaurant is located in Megalochori village
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Daily 12:00 pm – 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Fish

Dining Style

Fine Dining

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Business Casual

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Megalochori Parking

Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 30 reviews
M P 19 Jul 2023

A lovely restaurant!!! I choose the upper terrace for the ambience. The service was excellent and each course a culinary pleasure!!

Dimos Chatzigeorgiou
Dimos Chatzigeorgiou 17 Sep 2022

The best dining experience I have ever had. Delicious food made by a very talented Chef and his excellent team. The restaurant is within a massive wine cellar which makes the dining experience a unique one. I totally recommended. 5 ⭐️ Thank you Rafael 👨‍🍳 for everything.

Daniel Drinan
Daniel Drinan 24 Oct 2022

This was not only the best meal I have had in Greece but one of the best meals I have ever had, period. Chef Rafael is incredibly talented at finding the best combination of exquisite and unique flavors that perfectly compliment eachother. Presentation was top tier. I had the beef tar tar, fillet with bernaise sauce, mashed potatoes, and sponge cake. She had the chicken two ways. All were to die for. Every bite of fillet my eyes closed and I momentarily went to heaven. This was more of a fine dining experience than a meal, as you receive complimentary single portioned appetizers and digestifs, both very good. Granted, this style could benefit from an intermezzo. Drinks were unique and delicious. Service was attentive and knowledgable although timing of each plate took quite some time, as expected of a fine dining experience. We were there for 2+ hours for 3 courses. This could have been a bit sharper however, despite it is off season, it was given 4 stars. The room was an old large stone wine cellar that felt more regal than historic, with wrought iron candle lit chandeliers, barrel style and padded high chairs, and padded booths, with hanging reclaimed book pages to decorate. Parking is Street only; It's best to catch a taxi as it is located deep in Megalochori(best food town of Santorini) . Reservations should be made in high season but were not needed in off season. Be prepared to spend money. This is not an inexpensive experience. 50-100+per person.

Benjamin Bader
Benjamin Bader 14 Oct 2023

Not only was this the best food we have ever had, period, but it was also the best service we have ever had. Anywhere. Antonia was incredible and told us all about the amazing food and the only thing better than the description, was the first mouthful of each dish. Sensationally balanced food and beautifully presented inside a 400-year old wine cellar. Oh, did I mention the serenade by the talented guitarist who seemed to be reaching into my soul, giving me strength I needed to fit another mouthful. I never thought I would be the type of guy who eats with his eyes closed but there I was. Get the degustation menu. Try it all. Nothing is a wrong decision you might never experience something this good again. I’m dead serious.

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