Anogi Restaurant

Exceptional 4.7/5 1815 reviews

Feel right at home in the beautiful Anogi Restaurant yard! From the food, you share with your family and friends, the relaxed atmosphere where young and old, locals and visitors are welcome to the staff wanting to make your day a day to remember! The cuisine is based on the Mediterranean essence with a clear Greek accent. Anogi's philosophy is using high-quality fresh ingredients brought from our homeland, Santorini. They are able to perform authentic poke in the original Cycladic style, not only in their products but also in the decoration of the restaurant! The cooking team has created the most unique recipes with unbeatable taste.

Housed at the traditional Imerovigli village, very close to the capital of the island, with the philosophy of quality and hospitality in every moment! At Anogi Restaurant select wines, beers, and spirits so that you can discover special perfumes and flavors! Enjoy the local quality catch of the winery’s extensive list, of rich flavors, aromatic complexity, pleasant acidity, and finesse. Anogi's team will welcome you with warmth and a smile in an indelible dining experience. A place you will simply never want to leave!

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional Fish


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Anogi Restaurant is located in Imerovigli village
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Daily 5:00 pm - 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional, Fish

Dining style

Casual Dining, Family Style

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Astra Square Imerovigli

Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 1815 reviews
Stefania Di Mambro
Stefania Di Mambro 13 Sep 2023

By far the best authentic food we’ve had on the island. We dined here twice during our stay in Santorini. Beautiful presentation but the flavours said it all. Nothing short of excellent!! The service was fantastic with friendly staff and the owner treating you as if you were eating in his home. A definite must try!! We’ll definitely be back when we visit again!!!

Nicole Putney
Nicole Putney 24 Sep 2023

Amazing dinner. Definitely order the grilled octopus. My husband wished he had ordered 2. We also got the fried calamari which was awesome. Then main course was Lamb shank with crispy fried onions with rice and pork shank with potatoes. Both were great and huge. Reasonable prices. Staff was friendly and prompt. Best service we've probably had anywhere. It was clear they were happy to work there.

Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva 07 Oct 2023

I don't know how this establishment isn't a 5-star restaurant. I recently celebrated my honeymoon in Santorini and treated this island as I always do with any new country - dine with the locals and establish a connection to the culture. When I stumbled onto Anogi earlier in our trip, it was quickly crowned as the BEST - so much so we set a reservation for the final night of our trip before we even finished our meal. The service, from runners to manager/owner, was impeccable. They made you feel as if you walked into their home and the quality of food helped that case. Everything tasted home cooked with the freshest of ingredients. They put a lot of work into each plate and it showed. Not sure what you want? Ask and let them build the experience for you! I could honestly say, I'll forever be scarred to eat Greek cuisine back home because the bar was set high. I'll miss the island, but most of all, I'll miss Anogi. TIP: Set a reservation! The first time we tried to eat here, the wait was almost an hour.

Chris H
Chris H 13 Sep 2023

Forget about the other places with a view, just sit down and enjoy the meals at this place. The food is the main attraction, and everything shines. We went to other places with the view that charged way more and frankly did not have better food than Anogi. On our 3 night stay we had dinner here twice and wished they were open for lunch to stuff our face with their meals even more than we did for dinner. Make a reservation and eat here as much as you can, you won’t be disappointed.

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