Armeni Restaurant

Armeni Restaurant invites food lovers to savor the best-tasting fresh island seafood by the ocean.

There’s nothing like devouring seafood by the ocean! Armeni is a cozy little tavern that promises the most appetizing seafood complemented with professional service and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The tranquil ambiance and elegant décor give this place a relaxed yet lively vibe.

You’ll be welcomed by friendly and professional staff members. After a fulfilling lunch, you can relax and unwind on one of the sun loungers. If you decide to visit in the evening, the sight of the sun going down into the crystal blue waters of the sea will leave you awestruck. Later, you can enjoy a memorable candlelit dinner with your partner under the sky full of stars.

From anchovy and smoked mackerel to scallops, octopus, and smoked eel, you have a wide range of seafood options to choose from. The best thing is that the prices aren’t steep. Overall, you’ll love the quick, friendly service, palatable food, and of course, the majestic Aegean views!

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Armeni Restaurant is located in Armeni

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