Athenian House Restaurant

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There is no set time to sit down for a good meal or give in to a craving! Athenian House Restaurant fuses futuristic aesthetics with fine dining elegance for the ultimate after-work cocktails, business dinners, or celebratory evenings out. Set on the edge of the Caldera, overlooking the volcanic Skaros Rock at the appealing village of Imerovigli, offering amusing views of the Santorinian skyline and the Aegean Sea. The restaurant’s decoration represents the Cycladic beauty of the island, with white and wooden touches, in a chic and glam way. In the evening hours, you will have the opportunity to chase the colors of the sunset with a panoramic view of the famous Volcano.

Savor an extensive spread of Greek traditional gourmet delicacies from our well-known Chefs, paired with an array of tempting, mouthwatering homemade desserts. Choose from our best labels of local and international varieties of wine from insular, continental, and northern Greece. The Athenian House Restaurant is the perfect place for an outstanding collection of premium spirits and cocktails crafted by our professional and high-skilled bartenders. Exclusive recipe ideas containing fresh ingredients that will definitely delight all types of taste buds. Can’t wait to meet you in person!

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Mediterranean Greek Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional


+30 6981464430 / +30 22860 36420
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Athenian House Restaurant is located in Imerovigli village
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Daily 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional

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Fine Dining

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Reviews on Google
Very Good based on 497 reviews
Alex Dibacco
Alex Dibacco 20 Jun 2023

After being very excited for our reservation, dinner was a disappointment. We paid $100 ahead of time to reserve the spot but were not informed until we sat down that each person would spend $155-180 without drinks. Our bill was $450, and while the food was pretty good, that was simply not what we were looking for. I wish that had been disclosed ahead of time. We left feeling a little upset about we were pressured to tip well. The service was ok - they were unable to make my husband’s favorite cocktail, and at that price-point, they should have been switching out our silverware every course. The servers were all nice I think the place itself just isn’t run very well and we were left feeling a bit like we were scammed, especially since we made a non-refundable deposit on the reservation without being told how WAY above average the meals would cost. The food was decent - not worth the price (we’ve had just as good at small local restaurants) but interesting if you’re looking for a tasting. Of course, we didn’t know we were going to a tasting. I will say that the restaurant was nice enough to switch around our day for us, but that honestly just did not make up for the experience. The view, though, is amazing. If you don’t mind spending and are looking for an incredible view and a really upscale atmosphere then this will work for you.

Diego A
Diego A 05 Sep 2023

This restaurant is on another level. There are hundreds of restaurants in Santorini, but this is the number 1, best of the best. The food was exceptional and the service was excellent too. Shout out to Daniel for going above and beyond to make sure we had a memorable night. Only warning -if you're in a group the likelihood is you'll be sat further from the end of the balcony, and there are big umbrellas that might obscure your view of the sunset.

T White
T White 13 Jun 2023

This is going to be a loaded review. I’ll start with the view, the view was amazing! You are 100% paying for the view and service IMO. We arrived just before sunset and had some good time in the sun and then we’re able to watch the sunset and stay for dessert we’ll after dark. It’s a great place to see the views from the cliff side and see the cliff side lit up at night. Second, the service was incredible. Waiters and waitresses do an amazing job making sure they explain how it works and what each dish is. The night started trying to find the restaurant. The paths and streets on the cliff side wind and drop and climb, which is amazing to experience, but it does make it difficult to find where you need to go. I would recommend just stopping at the first restaurant you see and ask them where to go as Google walk is not the easiest to use on those awesome paths. Now for the food. Personally, this was not for me. The food did not taste great, as expected at a fancy restaurant, the portion sizes were small, the food was puréed and shaped to the way it was wanted. The best part for me was the strawberry salad and then the dessert. The rest of the food really was sub par and I’ve had better food for way cheaper at other places in Santorini. So if you’re going for the best tasting food at a lower price or even moderate price, I would skip this one. However, if you are okay with the higher prices, want an experience with the view and service and consider yourself a “foodie”, then this would be the place for you.

Ernest 07 Jun 2023

It's about as close to perfect as any restaurant I have eaten at has gotten. Everything was innovative, and the service was impeccable! This was the summer 2023 menu, so full disclosure the menus I posted will likely be different with each visit. It was 6 courses including desert and bread. Each course is captured in my pictures, and I don't have a single complaint. Strawberry salad with goat cheese was amazing and refreshing. The main course was filling and flavorful with a perfect mix of spicing. The view was a 10 out of 10 for sure. The staff was welcoming and tended to our every need. Special shout out to the team and Prodroryos for making the first night of our honeymoon in Santorini special. Would highly recommend this experience for anyone in the area. Overall, I give The Athenian House a 5 out of 5, a must visit.

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