Athenian House Restaurant

Very Good 4.2/5 423 reviews

There is no set time to sit down for a good meal or give in to a craving! Athenian House Restaurant fuses futuristic aesthetics with fine dining elegance for the ultimate after-work cocktails, business dinners, or celebratory evenings out. Set on the edge of the Caldera, overlooking the volcanic Skaros Rock at the appealing village of Imerovigli, offering amusing views of the Santorinian skyline and the Aegean Sea. The restaurant’s decoration represents the Cycladic beauty of the island, with white and wooden touches, in a chic and glam way. In the evening hours, you will have the opportunity to chase the colors of the sunset with a panoramic view of the famous Volcano.

Savor an extensive spread of Greek traditional gourmet delicacies from our well-known Chefs, paired with an array of tempting, mouthwatering homemade desserts. Choose from our best labels of local and international varieties of wine from insular, continental, and northern Greece. The Athenian House Restaurant is the perfect place for an outstanding collection of premium spirits and cocktails crafted by our professional and high-skilled bartenders. Exclusive recipe ideas containing fresh ingredients that will definitely delight all types of taste buds. Can’t wait to meet you in person!

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Mediterranean Greek Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional


+30 6981464430 / +30 22860 36420
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Athenian House Restaurant is located in Imerovigli village
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Daily 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional

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Fine Dining

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Reviews on Google
Very Good based on 423 reviews
Jeff Marsicano
Jeff Marsicano 20 Jun 2022

View is a 10 out of 10. The service was great at first but they seemed to have forgotten about our table with more than a 30 wait between second and 3rd courses and did not bring our bottle of wine without having to be reminded. The pacing of the whole meal was incredibly slow, even for Greece. Portions were very small (fine dining) so do not arrive hungry. Food was good but not great for the price.

Dan C (Daydream)
Dan C (Daydream) 09 May 2022

Great innovative tasting menu. 3 tiers with one of them being a vegetarian tasting option. Service food and view are all top quality. I read in the description that the chef has earned 3 Michelin stars. I am not sure if it is at this restaurant or previous establishments but what I can say is I understand why. I particularly enjoyed the calamari gyro. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it far exceeded anything I could of imagined. Drinks were on point as well. Owner came over numerous times to check on us and explain some of the thoughts behind the dishes and drinks. It is a small place so make a reservation early. The view is beautiful. Oh, a heads up they give you instructions on how to get to the restaurant on their website. Look at them closely as it can be a little but tricky. Yes, speaking from experience lol

Nika Moeini
Nika Moeini 17 Jul 2022

Perfect spot for a romantic dinner with an unforgettable view. We got engaged in santorini and this was our first dinner afterward! 💍❤️ Make sure to book reservations as my partner got the help of our proposal organizer to make our 6:30 pm table happen. 6:30 was a perfect time where the sun was just starting to set and we could have the perfect sunset view. No matter where you sit outside you’ll have an amazing view. The ambience was lovely. Beautiful music and kind service. The view is unbeatable! So happy for the full plant-based menu option. Went with the origins menu which used vegetables in such unique and interesting ways. Loved the pasta dish on that menu, the summer pasta. We also had white wine which went really well. This was one of the most perfect and romantic dinners of my life. Thank you so much!

Navina Lotay
Navina Lotay 03 Aug 2022

The restaurant has three fixed price menus to choose from and work to accommodate you if you have any allergies. The view is gorgeous as you can see Skaros rock and the sunset over the ocean. We tried two different menus and everything was delicious. 4 stars because the server entered the wrong menu for one of us at first, and said they would come back to take our drink order when we were ready but never came back. We ended up ordering drinks after dinner instead to enjoy with the sunset. Reservations recommended!

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