Barolo Restaurant

Very Good 4.1/5 548 reviews

Nestled in the heart of Fira, the picturesque capital of Santorini, Barolo Restaurant is a captivating dining destination that perfectly blends traditional Cycladic style with a modern, upscale twist. This enchanting restaurant, perched on the stunning cliffs of the island, offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. Its intimate setting and cozy, white-washed décor make it an ideal choice for both romantic dinners and celebrations with friends!

As you peruse the menu at Barolo, you'll discover a tantalizing array of culinary delights that showcase the essence of Santorinian and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant offers an impressive selection of seafood dishes, locally sourced ingredients, and flavors that evoke the essence of the Greek islands. Additionally, their well-curated wine list features an extensive collection of local Santorinian wines, providing the perfect accompaniment to your meal. For those seeking a more cosmopolitan touch, the cocktail menu presents a variety of expertly crafted libations that beautifully blend tradition and innovation, ensuring a memorable dining experience! You will be amazed by the unique beauty of the open terrace overlooking the most spectacular vistas of Santorini, where the sunsets paint the sky with enchanting hues of orange and pink, casting a mesmerizing spell over the Aegean waters!

The professional staff at Barolo Restaurant exemplifies the warm Greek hospitality and are dedicated to ensuring every guest's visit is an unforgettable one! With a deep knowledge of the menu and a passion for the island's culture, the team is always ready to offer recommendations and create a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like part of the Barolo family. For certain, it’s a culinary gem that seamlessly marries stunning location, exceptional cuisine, and a welcoming workgroup!

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Panorama View
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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Fish

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Barolo Restaurant is located in Fira village
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Daily 12:00 pm – 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Fish

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Fine Dining

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Smart Casual

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Parking Fira Taxi

Reviews on Google
Very Good based on 548 reviews
Santorini Queen1
Santorini Queen1 03 Nov 2023

Value for money, this place service and ambience can’t be compared to any other. Waiters help you in choosing your meals by giving suggestions. Spacious enough with the sea view. During sunset there is soothing music and a nice sunset 🌆. Accessible by walking from the city centre. I would recommend prior booking 🤓🤓

Yinka Baruwa
Yinka Baruwa 04 Sep 2023

The most beautiful restaurant I’ve been to, food was delicious (we ordered almost everything on the menu) and the staff were hilarious and engaging. All in all a fabulous dining experience and I wouldn’t come back to Santorini without eating here. Look forward to seeing it during the day or sunset!

Jeanne Chuang
Jeanne Chuang 09 Oct 2023

I would say this is a top sunset bar and restaurant with beautiful setting and view for people who visited Santorini. We went visit for a drink during the sunset time and such a breathtaking and lovely atmosphere for couple and also friends to enjoy the cocktail and dinner. Service is great and we enjoy our time there with the wonderful sunset.

Adrian Gigliotti
Adrian Gigliotti 27 Jun 2023

Amazing restaurant! The layout (interior & exterior) was amazing! My starter was really nice, however, it tasted more like a desert, and probably should’ve been at desert. (See images) My main was 10/10. The best cooked Lamb Shank I’ve ever had!!! The restaurant was lively (with live music, no pun intended) and the atmosphere was fabulous along with great waiter service, except for two negatives: 1. I asked for sparkling mineral water and was given tonic water which I do not like! 2. They took a good 10 minutes to get me the bill. Not sure why? Overall a great restaurant and I would return and recommend this to others!

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