Botrini’s Santorini

Superb 4.6/5 63 reviews

Perched along the mesmerizing Caldera cliffs of Oia, Botrini's Santorini stands as a culinary gem, offering a dining experience that harmonizes with the mesmerizing beauty of its surroundings. This distinguished fine restaurant captivates guests with a menu that artfully blends traditional Greek flavors with a modern, creative twist. The restaurant is named after its distinguished proprietor, Ektoras Botrini, who is widely recognized and accomplished in the gastronomic world!

Indulge in a culinary masterpiece at this fine dining establishment, where the essence of Mediterranean cuisine comes to life in every carefully crafted dish! The menu, curated with precision and passion, features a symphony of flavors inspired by the vibrant traditions of the island. Immerse yourself in the richness of locally sourced ingredients, expertly prepared to elevate your dining experience. To complement this gastronomic journey, the extensive wine selection boasts both local gems and international vintages, curated to enhance the nuances of each dish. For a truly immersive adventure, savor the handcrafted cocktails, where expert mixologists blend art and flavor to create libations that dance on the palate!

The dedicated and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every moment of your dining experience is tailored to perfection! Especially during sunset time, the enchanting aspect of a meal is elevated by the unparalleled setting overlooking the Aegean Sea. Join Botrini’s for an evening of foodie finesse and picturesque prospects, making your gourmet experience as unforgettable as the Santorini sunset itself!

Caldera View
Panorama View
Sea View
Outdoor seating

Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Fish


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Location of Botrini’s Santorini

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Botrini’s Santorini is located in Oia village
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Daily 6:30 pm – 12:30 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Fish

Dining style

Fine Dining

Dress code

Smart Casual

Payment options

AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Cash

Reviews on Google
Superb based on 63 reviews
Madeline Russell
Madeline Russell 18 Sep 2023

Incredible food, experience, service & view. It is a calming, intimate space with open, unobstructed panoramic views of the ocean & town. Most tables are situated by the hotel pool. The hotel (Katikies) outdoor space itself is very beautiful. We arrived at opening time so we could enjoy the view in the day light, and watch the sunset. Music was relaxed, modern. You select from a set menu, but the experience provides much more (several amuse bouche, amazing brioche bread with olive oil & several incredible butters, pre-dessert & post desserts).The food really was incredible in taste and presentation. Our favourite dishes were the swordfish carpaccio, the lamb and the 'Strawberry Fields' dessert. The brioche & accompaniments were also to die for! Service is very attentive and informative, with beautiful historic touches relevant to the dishes & family history of the chef. Even though the day we visited was very windy, the restaurant was much less so and very pleasant, later in the evening blankets were offered should we need them (but we didn't). The only negative we can think of is that the dishes could have come out slightly more slowly, with food this amazing you want to let it all sink in. Would 100% return to this beautiful restaurant!

mister bo
mister bo 04 Sep 2023

Magnificent view My best fine dining experience Ambience is absolutely 5/5 Service was top notch 5/5 Food had really surprised me to no others I would definitely recommend this restaurant, MUST TRY! Price was perfect

Chris Nichols
Chris Nichols 30 Sep 2022

When they say they have an ala cart menu and they don't you are upset. At 165 or 220 Euro (4 courses vs 13) for the prix fixe you further question your choice. Once you taste the first course, you forget about all that. It's rare that a chef blends taste, texture and visual presentation so while. Every food choice is off the chain delicious bordering on life changing. The views, of course, are amazing and the service, hyper-attentive. This is one of the most special experiences in the world and is not to be missed for that special night on the island.

Kasey Kaisershot
Kasey Kaisershot 17 Aug 2023

My husband and I had the best experience dining at Botrini's. Food: Exquisite. We enjoyed the Peripatos tasting menu, and each course impressed us with its attention to flavor, texture, and temperature. We couldn't pick a favorite dish because they were all so delicious and innovative! The presentation of each course was also delightful - we appreciated the thought that went into the design of each plate, bowl, and serving dish. Service: Each member of the team was so attentive, paying close attention to when we were finishing a course so as to bring out the next one. We enjoyed learning about each of the dishes as well. A special shout out to Maria, our server, and Simeon, our sommelier, for their knowledge about the food and wines and their willingness to find answers to our questions! Atmosphere: The atmosphere of sitting outdoors by the pool with a gorgeous view of the Caldera enhanced the entire dining experience. Plus, the fact that it was so close to our hotel room (Katikies Santorini) was delightful, considering we were so full after the meal and we didn't want to have to walk far! All in all, this was one of the best meals we've ever had, and it was a fantastic experience to enjoy dinner here.

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