Character is an outstanding multi-level terrace restaurant that greets you upon entering with its homely affair that offers a romantic and exclusive atmosphere to its patrons. A place where wistful flavors, beautiful textures, and wholesome ingredients are wedded in a repast of harmony, excitement, and nostalgia. Spotted in 2012 at the most spectacular landscape, at the rim of the Caldera in the center of Fira Town, overlooking the Volcanic islets. Seize the opportunity to indulge in the classic beauty of genuine Italian dishes, such as pasta, pizza, fresh fish, and other Italian plates with unique unforgettable flavors. Using the freshest locally grown products in our creations gives new meaning to the phrase ‘‘fine dining’’.

Along those lines, grab the chance to learn the history of our eclectic wines from the rest of Greece, as well as our Santorinian award-winning wines from local producers. Rich taste, aromas, smell, and color will satisfy your senses from the beginning to the end. Additionally, our great variety of refreshing cocktails will make your dining experience a little more pleasant! If dessert is your favorite part of the meal, we are sure our fresh and mouthwatering desserts will make your sweet tooth happy! Not to mention, Character’s wonderful team continually develops attentive service with passion, dedication, and talent! Always willing to help you and provide you with the finest living with us.

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Location of Character Italian Restaurant and Lounge Bar

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Character Italian Restaurant and Lounge Bar is located in Fira town
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