Welcome to Fino Restaurant and Cocktail Bar on the island of Santorini! A place bathed by natural sunlight in the day and by a colorful sky at the night! In an entirely serene environment, everything resembles a magical dream that will take you on a journey of the senses. A journey of tastes, aromas, sounds, textures, and mesmerizing images. The scenery is breathtaking, while Greek and Mediterranean dishes are celebrated with unique touches of modernity. Gracefully located in downtown village Oia and is easily accessible from any alley.

Using only the finest high-quality local products, a greatly skilled and talented team of professionals creates gastronomic wonders on a plate. A large variety of exquisite local wine lists, especially for every occasion and type of food is waiting for you to discover! Our masterly bartenders will also be there to make sure you will enjoy the cocktail of your preference! Enjoy the marvelous cuisine, as well as our mouthwatering desserts with modern methods and techniques that take local gastronomy to the next level. Upscale services from our pleasant staff and a wonderfully bright setting complete the ultimate dining experience in Santorini! A panorama of genuine tastes matching the panorama of blue all around you!

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Location of Fino Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

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Fino Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is located in Oia village
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