Idol Santorini Restaurant Bar

Very Good 4.1/5 935 reviews

Situated in the capital city of Santorini, Fira, the Idol Restaurant offers you a sensory journey while admiring the breathtaking caldera view and the endless Aegean Sea. Idol is a place full of life from the early morning coffee to the iconic sunsets and the lively nightlife.

Idol Restaurant is committed to using only the finest handpicked ingredients. The menu consists of carefully crafted dishes with a variety of salads, meat options, and fresh seafood. They offer an impressive wine list, premium spirits, top-aged whiskies, cocktails, and champagnes.

Idol’s experienced chef and team present a unique culinary experience. The three-level Restaurant Bar and their professional staff are elevating your experience, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking both gourmet delights and mesmerizing views.

Caldera View
Panorama View
Sea View
Outdoor seating

Mediterranean Seafood Vegetarian/Vegan International Contemporary European Fish


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Location of Idol Santorini Restaurant Bar

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Idol Santorini Restaurant Bar is located in Fira village
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Daily 9:00 am - 1:00 am


Mediterranean, Seafood, Vegetarian/Vegan , International, Contemporary European, Fish

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Fine Dining

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Reviews on Google
Very Good based on 935 reviews

Very good luxurious bar restaurant with amazing view, very nice setting and interior design! Special cocktails but more in the expensive side. We had the Bubble Zombie and the Straight! The first one was a very elegant version of the original zombie cocktail but definitely more elevated in flavours! The second one was a sweet cocktail with whiskey base and vanilla bitters. Even the fact that this place is expensive, it definitely offers really good quality of drinks in a very beautiful environment! I definitely recommend it!

Christopher Lipton
Christopher Lipton 16 May 2023

Views are amazing. Wait staff are beyond attentive. Good live music and trendy ambiance. Prices made me feel like I was at a Michelin Star restaurant. Ironically enough this was more expensive than the Michelin Star restaurant we went to the night prior HAHA. Plenty of other options nearby with better food and similar views. As my wife said, “we are paying for the experience”. Well we sure did. Dish pictured was $172 for two**

Abdallah Al-Qudsi
Abdallah Al-Qudsi 02 Aug 2023

The atmosphere is great, with a beautiful view and live music. The atmosphere is not worth the price and terrible quality of food. The server could care less about a good customer service experience. I ordered a gyro thinking it will be hard to get wrong since we are in Greece, WRONG…they described the pita as homemade pita, that was a tiny tortilla, they had three tiny pieces of tortilla with meat and yogurt sauce (equivalent to tzatziki with no garlic). Oh and to top that off each “gyro” cost $22…. All three pieces did not make up for a full size $3 gyro….very disappointed. 9 Euro water didn’t help either..

Taniyyus Syed
Taniyyus Syed 17 Jul 2023

Great views of the Caldera. Have a sit and relax. Can't say food is bad but it was not worth the price. Now everything Santorini is relatively expensive but good is usually very very good. That was not the case here.

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