Ifestioni Restaurant

Superb 4.6/5 209 reviews

Ifestioni Restaurant, a hidden culinary gem located within the luxurious Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites in the heart of Fira, offers an extraordinary Mediterranean dining experience with a captivating sea view that is nothing short of magical. The restaurant's name, "Ifestioni”, is a nod to Greek mythology, as it was the name of one of the nine Muses, symbolizing inspiration, and creativity. This theme is reflected in the artistic and exudes a sense of timeless Greek elegance!

The cuisine at Ifestioni is a celebration of traditional Greek flavors with a contemporary twist. The menu boasts an array of fresh seafood sourced locally, as well as dishes that highlight the island's abundant produce, which is a feast for the senses. The hidden elements incorporated in the dishes that set them apart are honey sourced from wild thyme blossoms, as well as wild saffron and local black figs, complemented by the use of organic olive oils and wines. Indulge yourself with refreshing signature cocktails and wines, meticulously crafted and designed to complement the flavors of your meal and enhance your overall enjoyment!

The attentive and friendly staff ensures that every guest feels like family, offering personalized service and expert suggestions. The restaurant's outdoor terrace offers an ideal spot to contemplate the tranquil ambiance of the nearby town and absorb the sights and sounds that evoke a sense of the surroundings. Whether you're sipping on a fine Greek wine, enjoying the catch of the day, or savoring a delectable dessert, your dining journey is bound to be memorable!

Sea View
Outdoor seating
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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Fish


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Location of Ifestioni Restaurant

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Ifestioni Restaurant is located in Fira village
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Operation Hours

Daily 12:00 pm–5:45 pm, 6:30 pm–10:00 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Fish

Dining Style

Fine Dining

Dress code

Smart Casual

Payment options

AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Cash

Nearest Parking

Parking Fira Taxi

Reviews on Google
Superb based on 209 reviews
diianamyte 01 Oct 2023

Outstanding food!!!!! We watched a pink full moonrise, the hotel view to the east during dusk is so lovely. We had a lady server who was a bit bleh and without a pulse. Thankfully a young gentleman took over who saved our night - he was way more hospitable and excited to tell other tables it was the restaurant’s 5 year anniversary and that the dishes on this menu were the award winning ones for that particular year - we overheard this bit which made our dining experience way more fun!! They come to the table side and poured sauces over our mouthwatering dishes. Thank you executive chef Kostas!!!!!! Master of his craft!!!!

Alex Hope
Alex Hope 27 May 2023

This is, without a doubt, the best place to eat in Santorini. The portions are GREAT. Just take the main course. The price is AMAZING for the food. You get what you pay for. It tastes like literal heaven. I had a soup of the day, which was from apple pure and it was amazing. I also had a grilled octopus, which was probably the most delicious octopus I have ever eaten in my entire life (I always eat octopuses everywhere I go). Lastly, I had an amazing sorbet and Gyros Beef. I got very full because someone said that the portions here are small… the Gyros beef portion is huge and tasty, so I could not stop. I also had one of the best milkshakes here. Everything is definitely on an amazing level. I highly recommend.

Reizl 19 May 2023

🧿 Excellent restaurant situated inside the Aressana Spa Hotel . It does not offer good views of the Caldera but within steps to enjoy the spectacular sunset views! (less than a minute walk) Vegan and vegetarian dishes are available in the menu. Food and Cocktails both delicious and good quality like fine dining, reasonable price, perfect location, enjoyable atmosphere, very friendly staff and attentive service. Strongly recommend this place if you are in town, walking distance to the station, shops and restaurants.

Shuk Mei Wong
Shuk Mei Wong 08 Nov 2023

The restaurant can accommodate vegan diet. They have a few vegan options, which I am much appreciated. I had the vegan pasta pomodorini, which was mentioned made with caramelised cherry tomato, basil and olive oil on the menu. What they served was made with not caramelised regular tomatoes and without any basil. It was flavourless and dull. The waiter is helpful and willing to remake the pasta, this time with basil. The flavour of the second one was acceptable. The crunchy potato tastes great.

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