Il Forno Pizza and Pasta

Superb 4.6/5 1457 reviews

For over 30 years Il Forno Pizza and Pasta is ideally settled at the main square of Kamari village and just a few minutes walk from the central bus station. Il Forno invites you to enjoy a culinary experience through our love for traditional, authentic Italian cuisine and relax in our atmospheric courtyard! Our dishes are prepared with modern techniques and excellent raw ingredients that are enriched according to the season, always bearing the signature of our exceptional cooking team! In our open kitchen, all our dishes are prepared in front of our guests’ eyes offering hospitality just like an Italian family would do.

Moreover, all the sauces used as a base for the pizza, pasta, and salads are homely made. Our menu is presenting from classic regional Italian recipes up to the most sophisticated and complicated ones combining many different ingredients to offer a unique final result! Respecting all the traditions and culture of this beautiful island, we could not leave out our local Santorinian wines and drinks to accompany your delicious meal. The quality of our products that are used as well as your satisfaction are the center of concern to us! A place where magic operates from your arrival until your departure!

Outdoor seating

Italian Vegetarian/Vegan


+30 2286030410 / +30 6978071958
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Location of Il Forno Pizza and Pasta

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Il Forno Pizza and Pasta is located in Kamari village
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Operation Hours

Daily 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


Italian, Vegetarian/Vegan

Dining Style

Casual Dining

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Payment options

Cash, Viva Quick Pay

Reviews on Google
Superb based on 1457 reviews
Erika Pillon
Erika Pillon 20 Sep 2022

Cute place in Kamari! The staff was very kind and welcoming. Both my friends had pasta and they found it really well cooked and tasty. I got the pizza and it was nice. The mozzarella was incredible and so was the dough, i just didn't really like the tomato sauce, which was too sweet for my italian taste! Overall, recommend

lalamiumiu ieie
lalamiumiu ieie 29 Mar 2022

Dear San Franciscan, I didn’t know what to expect but read good review about this little shop. I came and they told me it is for take away only. So, I ordered Margherita, Il Forno Pasta and Carbonara. They are all amazing. My Asian mum whom has special diet restriction even think the pasta is yummy. Now the Margherita pizza, I thought it will come with tomato and basil but it didn’t’ taste maybe they gave me a cheese pizza. Anyway, I’d go back for pasta if you crave for Greek Italian Pasta. Approved!

Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 21 Sep 2021

My sister, many years ago, told me that one day I needed to try pizza from Greece. She told me that it would be delicious and the best I’d ever have. By the time I had the opportunity, I’d been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. In other words, I wasn’t allowed to eat gluten without my small intestine swelling and the possibility of my intestine ripping itself apart attempting to digest gluten. I came to this pizza place, fully aware of the sickness I’d face after eating it. However, after eating the best pizza I’d ever had, I didn’t get sick. I ate it on 3 separate occasions and didn’t get sick once. I don’t know if the gluten used in Greece is healthy, grown different, or what, but this pizza place kind of threw my life upside down and I’ll never forget it.

Rachel C
Rachel C 05 Oct 2021

It was a delicious meal with generous portions. We got the pasta arabiatta, one portion to share between two people. It was delicious and there actually was plenty of sauce. The sauce is made with Santorinian tomatoes. It was filling for two people, and the bread helped with that! They give delicious homemade warm bread to each customer, which was delicious on its own and we saved enough to mop up the extra sauce with. Seating is outdoor only.

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