Kapari Wine Restaurant

Exceptional 4.8/5 87 reviews

Kapari Wine Restaurant is located at the upscale of Imerovigli village, overlooking the Caldera Cliffs and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, in an atrium beautiful courtyard within the Kapari Natural Resort. Kapari's origin is rooted in an exploration of the natural world, which began with a simple desire to rediscover wild local ingredients by foraging and following the seasons. The menu consists of well-known classic Mediterranean dishes, that you might have tried before, but not with Kapari's modern twist!

In addition to this, don’t miss the opportunity to savor our vast variety of well-known and awarded wines from both Santorini Island and from all over the world. The passionate and focused bartenders will be waiting for you to experiment with indescribable cocktails while enjoying the view from the restaurant's terrace. It is noteworthy, the dramatic sunset that you will have the chance to admire during your dinner at the veranda area, as the colors of the sky blend with the shades of the blue sea. This success could not have been achieved if it wasn't for their friendly, supportive, and smiling staff.

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Mediterranean Greek Meat Vegetarian/Vegan

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Kapari Wine Restaurant is located in Imerovigli village
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Daily 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan

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Fine Dining

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Smart Casual

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Astra Square Imerovigli

Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 87 reviews
VAN PLOEGMAN 30 Sep 2023

I made a reservation for my husband's birthday. The table was set up pretty simply, and only 4 tables in our area, just quiet, didn't feel the restaurant atmosphere. Pretty dark at night they have only 1 candle and 1 light. We chose 9 course menu because we want to have a front row for 140€/ person, and the drink is not included. The food was good. Steak was amazing. Cod fish was tasteless. I was hoping for dessert they might have some cake or candle for birthday, but it was regular dessert on the menu. Nothing special.! Staff were friendly. However, the service was super slow. We finished a first glass of wine they came and cleaned the glass, but they never asked if we wanted some more. Overall, it was ok, but it's not worth the money you paid for.

Great place to see a stunning sunset and dine with your partner. Excellent cuisine and discrete personal service. A fantastic place to go. Must reserve a table, although we were lucky and had a great experience.

Allan Chiu
Allan Chiu 15 May 2023

Great service for any meals you have here. Great location and nice heat lamps/blankets after the sunset. We were here for a 9 course 140€ set dinner. Highlights include the grilled and smoked octopus, as well as the chocolate/mocha texture dessert. Missing from the pictures is the lobster ravioli we devoured before pictures were taken. Great location for a romantic getaway.

R 03 Dec 2022

Beautiful, gorgeous views, cannot say enough good things about the views here. Staff were attentive and very nice and friendly. Helped us take several photos and so genuinely kind. Food and wine were really yummy. Octopus dish was good, also loved the desserts. Would recommend. Tip- try to book during sunset for the views

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