Lefkes Restaurant

Exceptional 4.7/5 1269 reviews

Homed in the graphical village of Finikia, Lefkes Restaurant proudly carries forward the vision of its creators by offering its visitors traditional Mediterranean dishes, with fresh organic products – exclusively supplied by local products. Taste eclectic various wine selections and uniquely inspired signature cocktails, with the Santorinian skyline as your perfect background. A vast range of local wines, especially for all occasions and foods, are waiting for you to discover them. Visitors can get a taste of authentic hospitality while savoring signature dishes that combine time-honored Greek recipes with the contemporary creative approach of the Chef.

The restaurant area is surrounded by many colorful decorative plants and flowers of different species, and it will definitely feel like home. Of course, Lefkes' team can always help you find the best choice for you, as they have great knowledge of this too! Get in touch and make your time at Lefkes restaurant truly unforgettable!

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional


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Location of Lefkes Restaurant

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Lefkes Restaurant is located in Finikia village
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Operation hours

Daily 1:00 pm - 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional

Dining style

Casual Dining

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Finikia Parking Area

Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 1269 reviews
Ho Zan Wen
Ho Zan Wen 16 Oct 2023

Local restaurant recommended by hotel near accommodation as we arrived in santorini in late evening. Staffs were friendly and proactive in recommending dishes but would have preferred to be left alone until we call for them. Their English were average and had a few instances misunderstood each other. Liked the freshness of the seabass (cant remember the name) and the Linguine shrimps.

Pawarisa Surajaras
Pawarisa Surajaras 02 Oct 2023

The food was good especially the shrimp linguine. The Greek salad was not traditional but it’s good. The price is a bit higher than other restaurants but it was worth it. If you are in finnikia, this restaurant is a must visit.

neha dabar
neha dabar 08 Aug 2023

We went to Lefkes two nights during our 4 day stay in Santorini. It is a must visit everything that we tried was simply amazing. Ask the staff for their recommendations and you’ll not be disappointed.

Gabrielle Sheehan
Gabrielle Sheehan 20 Aug 2023

This is a wonderful place with great views for sunset! My husband and I shared the lamb for 2 and it was amazing!!! (Definitely could feed more than 2). It's a small place so would recommend making a reservation (our hotel did this for us). Definitely recommend!

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