Lycabettus Restaurant

Very Good 4.2/5 286 reviews

Lycabettus Restaurant is located in the picturesque Oia village, built literally on the edge of the caldera cliffs. The balcony provides iconic blue views of the countless stars above and exudes a relaxed yet elegant grandeur. Lycabettus restaurant offers a fine dining experience based on Greek recipes.

The menu consists of Mediterranean elements and locally sourced ingredients. The delightful dishes are accompanied by a large list of fine famous Santorinian wines as well as wines from the rest of Greece and the rest of the world.

The dedicated team brings a wealth of hospitality expertise by delivering impeccable service. The romantic atmosphere of the place makes it ideal for couples and newlyweds. At Lycabettus Restaurant you will savor exquisite cuisine in the mesmerizing blue surroundings that will make your experience nothing less than exceptional.

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Mediterranean Greek Vegetarian/Vegan International Contemporary European


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Location of Lycabettus Restaurant

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Lycabettus Restaurant is located in Oia village
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Operation Hours

Daily 1:00 pm–5:00 pm Dinner Daily 7:00 pm–11:00 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Vegetarian/Vegan , International, Contemporary European

Dining Style

Fine Dining

Dress code

Smart Casual

Payment options

AMEX, MasterCard, Visa

Nearest Parking

Fira Primary School Parking

Reviews on Google
Very Good based on 286 reviews
Michael Gahagan
Michael Gahagan 07 Nov 2023

This was an incredible experience. The food was awesome...I asked what a solid fully 'Greek' dish would be and he recommended the Moussaka. It was so good. The views at this place are truly breathtaking. Can't recommend enough...would love to have seen it at sunset!

Editha Espino
Editha Espino 04 Nov 2023

A well-deserved dinner after our hike. Magnificent restaurant view, savory dinner, wonderful service and a loving, handsome husband by me. I am a one lucky girl ❤️ Dined during our honeymoon in September!

Jeff Eichinger
Jeff Eichinger 13 Oct 2023

I don't normally leave bad reviews as I am more of a praise in public and scold in private sort of person. However, given the absurd price of this meal compared to teh value received, I feel the need to warn others to avoid a similar feeling of disappointment. Let's start with the positives. Yes, the location is very pretty. It's on a small outcropping in Oia. The problem is that there are probably 100 other restaurants with an equally pretty view that don't cost anywhere near the amount this place charges. It's a nice view, but nearly identical to all the restaurants in the village with a view. They don't rush you. Okay, this may be a backhanded compliment because they do the opposite of rush you. This was a four hour long meal. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a nice leisurely meal that allows me to enjoy the food, the wine and the atmosphere. The problem is that the food was spaced out so far apart that we were eating for 5 minutes then waiting 20 minutes for the next course. We actually had to ask for the check before the dessert becuase we had been there so long. OKay, for the less positive part of the review. The food just wasn't very good. Was if fancy? Yes. But it seemed fancy for the sake of fancy not becuase it was an innovative way to enhance the flavors of the food. Each dish had some unique element of givng you a dish with a few fancy elements and then they would pour some sauce over the top. Or, it had some foam mousse of mushroom blah blah blah that was supposed to make it look expensive. It just didn't taste very good. Okay, but surely over 9 courses we received a lot of food right? Wrong. Each course was so tiny and unsatisfying that we actaully left the restaurant and went to a souvlaki place around the corner to satisfy our hunger. The portions were tiny! We even upgraded to the lobster for an additonal €60. What we received was a two inch x one inch long piece of lobster. It was literally two bites! I wasn't expecting a whole lobster, but at least give me a whole lobster tail for that price! Finally, we decided to go with the wine pairing for an additional €143....EACH! What does nearly €300 of wine get you, apparantly not very much at this restaurant. Maybe we should have considered ourselves warned when the waiter tried to talk us out of the wine pairing and told us for teh same price we could get a bottle of wine along with a few additional glasses for after dinner. Unfortunately, we did not heed his warning and decided to stubbornly press on. Keeping with the theme of the food, the pours were tiny. Also, given the issue with the timing of the food on nearly every course we received the wine 15 minutes before the food came. By the time we had the food for the course the wine was long gone. We ate at a lot of restaurants in Santorinni while visiting and this meal was by far the worst. To make it worse, at nearly €900, it was also most expensive meal we ate by an even larger margin. I think this is a tourist trap for people looking to do something extravegant and fancy while in Santorinni. I think thats a great idea, but you can achieve it while spending one third of the price of this restaurant AND get better food. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps someone else to save some money!

Angelo Triandos
Angelo Triandos 22 Oct 2023

In one word - Superb!! A wonderful and memorable fine dining experience, with breathtaking views to complete my treasured love for Santorini.

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