MeRaki Restaurant

Exceptional 4.7/5 641 reviews

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Fira, the bustling capital of the mesmerizing Santorini Island, MeRaki is a culinary art that transcends traditional dining expectations! The menu showcases the finest in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with an influence from Crete, this restaurant invites you to experience the essence of the island with every bite!

At MeRaki, dining is a symphony of flavors and aromas! The menu pays homage to the diverse tapestry of authentic Mediterranean flavors. These tastes are thoughtfully prepared with culinary finesse and inventive flair, whether you're relishing the timeless recipes, indulging in the freshest seafood, or savoring their exquisite meze platters. Each dish stands as a testament to the culinary team's expertise and unwavering passion. Boost your meal with a thoughtfully curated wine, raki, as well as a regional ouzo collection that showcases the finest Greek labels, ensuring that MeRaki offers a pure culinary odyssey!

The staff encapsulates the essence of Greek hospitality, exuding warmth, and unwavering dedication to guarantee that your dining affair surpasses all expectations. Their fervor for both the cuisine and the island is tangible, creating a visit that lingers in your memory. The name "MeRaki" perfectly captures the essence of the experience, a piece of the soul and a labor of love infused into every aspect of your visit!

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional Fish


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MeRaki Restaurant is located in Fira village
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Daily 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional, Fish

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Casual Dining

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Parking Fira Taxi

Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 641 reviews
Ly M
Ly M 20 Sep 2022

Very nice restaurant with affordable prices and a lot of choices. We've been there a couple of times so we tried many dishes and everything was really tasty. The waiter and waitress were the nicest. I would recommend to share the dishes, like that you can try more food!

Raviteja Karanam
Raviteja Karanam 17 Apr 2022

This place is not just amazing in terms of food but also the people there. Everyone is greeted with a big smile, explained about their menu especially if you're there and even connects with you at a personal level. We were in Santorini only for 3 nights of which we had food here twice. We decided to (and wanted to) go back there because of the warm welcome we had received during our first visit and also the ever tasty food. The restaurant hosts a great environment for friends and families alike. We ended up trying many new local and Greek dishes here and fell in love with all of them. If you are a fan of chillies, don't forget try their Grilled Peppers/Chillies. Being a fan of hot food, those are some of the best hot peppers I had till date.

maayan daviday
maayan daviday 07 Aug 2022

me and my girlfriend ate dinner and it was better then anything in Santorini, the musaka was the best we ever tasted, the service was warm and kind. even talk to the owner and she was lovely. we highly recommend ☺

Robin Francillon
Robin Francillon 19 Sep 2022

MeRaki was definitely the best Greek restaurant I've been to during my stay (including Athens). My friends and I were delighted by the hospitality of the staff, the affordability of the meals, and the quality of the cooking. We have visited the restaurant three times overall to get the most out of the menu!

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