Ochre Wine Bistro

Very Good 4.1/5 194 reviews

Escape to the astonishing Ochre Wine Bistro in the beautiful village of Oia! With many years of experience in cooking for one of the finest restaurants in Santorini, our Chefs are excited to serve you and all your guests in the comfort of your home! Bringing the best International and Greek delicacies to your table. The scrumptious and palatable menu is designed to cater to all kinds of taste buds, or some would say an extra twist to the traditional dishes. Experience award-winning service from our smiling staff and sophisticated style with Cycladic whitewash touches all over the restaurant, making you feel the summer island feeling! It is an ideal dining escape for both business travelers and vacationing families.

Challenge yourself by trying the most flavorsome and ambrosian cocktails you have ever had and will definitely wake up past memories. Savor an extensive connoisseur selection of worldwide and local wines along with your meal. Keep in mind, that every kind of food should be accompanied by the appropriate drink to be able to highlight its real and authentic taste. Lastly, Ochre’s Wine Bistro sunset view is legendary! It constitutes a popular sundown-gazing spot on the hillside of the island offering an admiring scene of the golden light as it washes over the houses and the Aegean Sea. Don’t miss it!

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Fish


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Ochre Wine Bistro is located in Oia village
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Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Fish

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Fine Dining

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Smart Casual

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Very Good based on 194 reviews
G. F.
G. F. 31 Jul 2022

Great view, okay staff, average food. The view of the sunset is wonderful, as you would expect. However the staff, while not necessarily impolite, is very specific about who sits where, which is very strange especially since the restaurant ends up being half empty at best. The food is really nothing special. As other have stated, you are mostly paying for the view.

Anna Anna
Anna Anna 04 Sep 2022

Yesterday I went with my Husband to Ochre after the good review I read in order to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Everything was amazing! The staff made our special day memorable. They were really polite and our waiter recommended us some really nice plates. The view was breathtaking! The wine amazing! The food delicious!!! This place is one of the best restaurants you must visit! I really recommend it!!!

James Spratt
James Spratt 05 Sep 2022

Large outdoor dining space, strangely quiet vibe going on though. Like a library. The light bites we had were nice but nothing to write home about. The bread, don't bother, most was those rusk things, like I'm a one year old. The maitre d' had a rather unpleasant sweat problem and spoke rudely to other staff. Nice sunset vista however.

Errglory 08 Jun 2022

Amazing, it’s the perfect place to see the sunset in Oia, the food variety it’s great and it’s not very expensive if you compare with the prices in Santorini, the wine list it’s so good. We went with no reservation and when we were cold they provide us with blankets to see the sunset.

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