Pelican Kipos Wine Restaurant

Exceptional 4.7/5 2536 reviews

Dining at Pelican Kipos Wine Restaurant reflects the island’s traditional beauty and modern style. You will find it in the heart of the picturesque Fira Town, accessible from every graphical alley. Kipos by definition means ‘’a big garden’’ and this restaurant pays homage to the traditional Cycladic style. The exquisitely raw, natural design of the dining space creates a sense of harmony, with its beautifully decorated plants and flowers. The menu is situationally organic, and the freshest produce is sourced from our island to evoke a rich, complex culinary history while retaining all the elegance of Santorinian and Greek cuisine.

A major focus and mission is to ensure each customer has a welcoming, warm, and enjoyable experience! Over 400 years old wine cellar cave is holding more than 480 different types of wines selected carefully from Santorini, Greece, and all around the world. Along with your wine, you can try our regional delicious cheeses and browse around our cellar. Worth mentioning is also our vast variety of international beers, as well as the latest selection from domestic Greek breweries. Our gracious and smiling team is waiting to pleasantly welcome you!

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Mediterranean Greek Meat Traditional


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Location of Pelican Kipos Wine Restaurant

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Pelican Kipos Wine Restaurant is located in Fira village
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Daily 8:00 am - 11:45 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Meat, Traditional

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Reviews on Google
Exceptional based on 2536 reviews
Claire D
Claire D 23 Nov 2022

Highly recommend this place! The food was excellent and the wine. The service was perfection too. It's a beautiful little garden hideaway and you would never know you were in the centre of town. The lady who did the wine tasting with us was fantastic, she deserves a raise (I'm so sorry I didn't catch her name) The wine tasting is in a 400 year old cave and it feels intimate and exclusive. Definitely worth a visit!

Olesya Katherine
Olesya Katherine 22 Sep 2022

I’ve travelled to 4 countries in Europe on my honeymoon and this was the food highlight for me! The employees are amazing, extremely helpful and knowledgeable and will go out of their way to do things for you and not even expect a tip. The food was beyond what words can describe. The atmosphere was beautiful! I felt like I was in a heavenly garden.

Alex 03 Apr 2022

Very nice restaurant. Tried lamb in pot that many others around us were ordering, and it was delicious. The service was good as well, and the prices very reasonable. For two mains, two glasses of wine and two teas it's around 60EU.

Alexandros Magnis
Alexandros Magnis 29 Oct 2022

Authentic Greek food in a very cozy setting! Service was excellent and we loved the tomato fritters and the beef with aubergine. Reasonably priced too, highly recommended!

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